Survivor 27 Hayden Goes ‘Out on a Limb’

survivor-2013-bvw-epi08-results-hdrLast week, a dramatic drawing of rocks sent Katie to Redemption Island with her mum and Laura M. With Ciera now on Hayden’s side against Tyson, Gervase, and Monica who will be voted out tonight?

Tina immediately considers dropping out of the Redemption Island challenge so Katie can stay in it, but I’m happy they decided to battle it out instead. Today’s truel had Tina, Laura, and Katie using sticks and rope to retrieve keys  to unlock a gate. Tina immediately started by giving advice to Katie so her stick can be strong enough.That’s nice, even if it didn’t help. Laura has her pole together and gets her first key before anyone else has their pole ready, but Katie gets back in with her pole. Laura gets through her gate first but Tina and Katie are neck and neck. When Katie drops her key Tina’s able to come back and win the challenge.

Tonight’s immunity challenge involves castaways to dive into the water pushing a buoy through an obstacle course before solving a puzzle. Not only do winners get the immunity necklace, but they also get a meal from the Survivor menu. Hayden and Tyson cruise through the water portion of the challenge with Ciera falling way behind. Ciera is last to the puzzle portion, so she needs to catch up to Hayden and Tyson for the possibility to win. Tyson gets stuck on a few words as Ciera and Gervase are back in it. Suddenly, Ciera has won immunity as she figures out the phrase, “you are going to have to dig deep.”

All of a sudden Ciera’s immunity has made her so cocky about her chances in this game. Unless she wins immunity until the final tribal she probably won’t be doing anything too impressive. She did follow through with Hayden’s plan to talk to Monica which may have worked, until everything was brought up at Tribal.

At Tribal, Hayden immediately brings up their discussion with Monica but Gervase immediately gets defensive, yelling at them and bringing up some really intelligent points. I hadn’t realized until now, but he might be a contender at the finals if he’s as persuasive as he is right now. Hayden was also playing smart, as he pulled out the exact words that Monica liked to use about herself. Unfortunately for Hayden, it didn’t end up working for him. Monica’s loyal to a fault, and unsurprisingly she stuck with Tyson and Gervase sending Hayden to Redemption Island.

Tonight is the two-hour season finale and one hour reunion afterwards. One will return from Redemption Island, and then one will win the Sole Survivor title. Who will it be? Here’s to hoping Hayden makes it out of Redemption and into the winning position!

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