Narrow Plains: Our January Band of the Month!


Almost two years ago Charlie, Stuart and Roger joined together to form Narrow Plains, an acoustic folk band from England. Charlie Ferriday (guitar, lead vocals), Stuart Connick (drums, vocals), and Roger Connick (bass guitar, vocals) were each in different rock and punk bands during high school, constantly competing for their school’s rock band competition. Despite continuing on their separate paths for university, Charlie and Stuart ended up coming together and playing multiple gigs as a two-piece band before finally forming Narrow Plains with Stuart’s older brother Roger. Since then, they have recorded an EP Somewhere in Between and have now performed at a number of prestigious venues such as the 02 Academy 2, 100 Club, and Shoreditch Festival. Currently, they are “entirely focused on the new album,” having written lots of new tracks that they’re looking forward to touring with. For the month of January, TRW is featuring Narrow Plains as our Band of the Month and to get you warmed up, here’s a sneak peek of our interview with lead singer Charlie Ferriday!

How did you come together to form Narrow Plains?
The band only all came together about 18 months ago. Rog hadn’t played in a band for a few years after school but we started discussing playing some original acoustic-based material together as a three-piece band. I already had a few songs that I had written and performed as a singer/songwriter. We borrowed a house in Dorset for a few days, took our instruments, some recording equipment, a whole bunch of junk food and the odd crate of beer and rearranged those songs so that they would fit a band format. We thought that the songs sounded great and so we recorded all five tracks on the EP in a few days. Our music is quite simple and we try as much as possible to record it in the same three-piece set-up as we play it live. We don’t really use any overdubbing or fancy electronic sounds or technology. So, the main thing for us is getting the arrangement and the sound right.

What is a quick lineage of your music from when you started to where you are now?
After recording the EP, we were really keen to play our songs to a live audience so we played any and every gig available including a lot of open mike sessions. Since recording the EP, we have written a bunch of new songs as a band and performed most of them live. One of them, ‘Take Me Back’ is available as a video on YouTube. Our main target is to record a full album of our material. We have cleared our gig calendar for the end of [2013] so that we can focus on getting our new songs arranged and recorded.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
The new acoustic/folk movement has definitely been an inspiration. Especially bands like Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Noah and the Whale, and Bon Iver. I must admit that my guitar playing has been influenced by Newton Faulkner, particularly the slap technique that I use on some of our songs. We went to see him play a number of times when we were at school as he came from the Caterham area. However, we also like to think that our songs are original and draw on a number of different styles and genres. As we were growing up, modern American rock music sparked all our passions for music. We were (and still are) into bands like Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182, and Foo Fighters. Some of our riffs and rhythms definitely draw on these.

Check back later this month for our full interview with Charlie and a review of their EP! There’s still time to send us your questions for Charlie by tweeting us @TheReviewWeekly, and don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter!