Intrepid Theatre presents Winterlab

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Intrepid Theatre, the producers of Victoria Fringe and UNO, present their new annual festival, Winterlab. With events running January 25 to February 1, this festival turns to unique productions from across the country. This year, productions use projection, manual animation, found objects, and shadow puppetry to create an inventive, “live movie” atmosphere for the audience.

Winterlab Fête is the kick off party and rocking theatrical speakeasy experience. Featuring two live performances exploring the impulse to leave home and the decision to stay behind, this is a great way to start the festival off. January 25. 8pm.

Against Gravity is a shadow puppet and live music performance that takes you on a mind-bending journey through a trippy world filled with surprises. January 25. 7pm.

The Playground has a studio full of gadgets hi- and low-tech, fun for the whole family. January 25 and 26. 12-4pm.

Sci-Fi Double Feature is fun for the whole family, who doesn’t like a live B movie? Plus, if you show up in a sci-fi costume you’ll get free popcorn! January 30 and 31. 7pm.

Farewell Victoria. If everyone who left had actually stayed, what would Victoria look like? At a secret location downtown, an indoor-outdoor live video backdrop creates a wonderful party to end the festival, complete with a last dance. January 31 and February 1. 8pm.

The Petri Dish Residency offers artists from the YOU Show series to explore new ideas with those participating in Winterlab.

Tickets for all events can be found at