Bachelor 18: Sharleen loses interest in Juan Pablo


In a surprise twist, the remaining women flew from New Zealand to JuanP’s hometown of Miami to see where he’ll want them to move to. This week the only rose up for grabs before the final cocktail party was on the group date, so one on ones were merely to further their connections with him.

After so many weeks of Sharleen’s uninteresting time with JuanP, she finally dealt with it head on. It’s obvious to everyone but JuanP that she’s uninterested in him. She wasn’t excited about getting the first date of the week and clearly finds him boring (“we’re missing this cerebral connection”) while he thinks she might be “The One.” I don’t know why he’s so interested in her, probably because she can’t stop sticking her tongue down his throat while they’re on their yacht date.

Next up, JuanP brings Nikki on an important date to his daughter Camilla’s dance recital. Not only does she meet his daughter, but she’ll also come into contact with his parents and his baby mama. Probably not the best date to spring on someone, but Nikki does really well and is sure she’ll get a rose later at the cocktail party. The flowers they made for Camilla were really quite awful. Was there parsley in that?

The first big drama of the night comes when Sharleen sits all the girls down to tell them she’s leaving. Host Chris Harrison is taking a real backseat role this season, he isn’t even going to the girls during their big decisions to console them. Or to JuanP later, when he learns of her decision and cries about it after sending her away. Maybe we’ll hear about it in upcoming episodes, but he really tried to brush it off like he didn’t care the next day.

Clare, Renee, Chelsie, and Andi all flew off for a picnic with JuanP where the girl who got a rose would join him in the evening for the second portion of the date. Chelsie brings out the family letters and Clare reminds JuanP of the DVD her dad made for her future husband. However, neither of those convinced him to meet their families, and he instead chose Andi, who got a rehash of Sharleen’s baseball field makeout date. Maybe it’s just baseball fields, or perhaps it’s JuanP, but those kisses were just so awkward.

While Andi was out with JuanP, the rest of the girls went home so Clare and Nikki could start up their fighting again. It was all very boring fighting, especially as almost all of it was bleeped out, but we got some good ole awkward silences during the cocktail party the next night. Crank up the cricket noises, leave the cameras on, and sit back to watch the two of them sit in sullen silence. Luckily Chris Harrison made an appearance soon after JuanP sat down because the silence even then was a bit overwhelming. Could none of the girls be bothered to start a simple conversation to keep the evening moving along?

Anyway, Chelsie ended up getting the boot and making a classy exit while drama ensues for the final few episodes. On Monday we see the dramatic family nights where Clare’s family sees the real hates JuanP, then Tuesday is fantasy suite night where “what happens in the fantasy suite doesn’t stay in the fantasy suite” (did anyone actually expect it to??), everyone cries, and it gets down to the final two. Monday after is the Women Tell All where all the previous rivalries come out and we learn who the next Bachelorette will be, if they’re doing another season. My vote is on Nikki, if she doesn’t make it through.

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