Oscars 2014 — Best Original Screenplay

This one will be a nail-biter. We’d initially expected American Hustle would be winning without concern, but then Spike Jonze’s Her stepped up and claimed the Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and WGA making us consider the possibility of a different frontrunner. Since then, Hustle has picked up the BAFTA in this category, but it’s still a big question of what other awards (if any) Hustle will win and whether the Academy is looking to give it one somewhere.

Dependant on how the voting goes, the votes may be split between the two allowing for one of the other three to nab the win. Despite our dislike of Woody Allen, his film Blue Jasmine has been getting some recognition for being the normal Woody Allen movie. David O Russell has 3 previous nominations but no wins while Woody Allen has a career 23 nominations throughout the Oscars with 3 wins for writing.

Out of the nominees, our pick is for Hustle. It was a fun, enthusiastic film with a story that kept on going. Who do you think should win? Answer our poll below.

  1. “American Hustle” — David O. Russell and Eric Warren Singer
  2. “Her” — Spike Jonze
  3. “Blue Jasmine” — Woody Allen
  4. “Nebraska” — Bob Nelson
  5. “Dallas Buyers Club” — Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack

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