Oscars 2014 — Best Foreign Film

This year there were a good number of films that didn’t even make the cut, namely Saudi Arabia’s Wadjda, but there’s still a good list of contenders.

The Italian film, The Great Beauty, follows a man who has gone through the lavish Roman nightlife for decades before discovering the beauty of the world around him. Denmark’s The Hunt follows a man after he is wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a child in a small village. The Broken Circle Breakdown from Belgium shows a seven year period of a couple falling in love and eventually having a daughter than changes their life. The Missing Picture from Cambodia uses archive footage and clay figures to explore the memory and trauma of Pol Pot. Omar comes out of the Palestinian territories with a story about the emotional struggles of a young man who must balance his loyalty to his country and family with his love of a beautiful woman.

This one’s a bit tricky. The resounding opinion leading up to the Oscars is that Italy’s The Great Beauty will pick up the statue, but we’d really love to see The Hunt from Denmark pick up the win. We’ve rated it as Italy and then Denmark here, but on our personal ballots we might be picking something different. We’d love to know…what do you think? Enter our poll below!

  1. “The Great Beauty” (Italy)
  2. “The Hunt” (Denmark)
  3. “The Broken Circle Breakdown” (Belgium)
  4. “The Missing Picture” (Cambodia)
  5. “Omar” (Palestinian territories)