Bachelor 18: Hometowns Bring BBQ, Guns, and Crazy Sisters


After Sharleen and Chelsie left, JuanP traveled to the remaining women’s hometowns. Of course, you always have the perfectly happy made-for-TV families with the big homes and approving family members, but at least one family needs to have the crazy relatives. This season, Clare and Andi provided the drama while Nikki and Renee seem perfect. I’m always curious what order they actually go in, because I’m sure that factors into his decision and how he acts a little bit. Since they were just in Miami, I’d assume Renee was first as she was closest, so they had a longer cooling off period then the other girls. I’m not saying he only likes the girls that are in front of him, but maybe I am a little?

First up, JuanP heads to Nikki’s hometown of Kansas City. She seemed overly concerned that he wouldn’t like BBQ food, but who doesn’t like BBQ food? He immediately chows down and it’s the first big eating of the season. That’s always a big moment and it normally comes near hometowns (Catherine + Sean anyone?). Meeting her family was a breeze, everyone seemed to immediately like him and induct him into the family. They can’t seriously have that big of a house, can they? Nikki’s only problem? She just couldn’t get out those three little words. Will this be her downfall? She has a good shot of winning this whole thing: she briefly met his daughter/family, she had a good hometown, and she got the first rose at the end of episode ceremony.

JuanP went to Atlanta for his date with Andi where she had him shooting guns. For comedic effect we see Andi get a bullseye on her first one and him missing a bunch of shots. Not even hitting the sheet. Funny, but then she pulls out the big guns and he doesn’t get to use them… he definitely outmatched on this date. Admittedly, she is a bad dancer so I guess they can’t both be good at everything. I don’t know why we needed to see her dancing again, but seeing her mum show her up was a nice bit of payback. Immediately when JuanP walked in there seemed to be tension. Andi’s dad wasn’t having any of his BS playful banter and you could tell he was nervous. Later, when they went out for a chat they seemed to be doing alright, but then the dad laid down the law. JuanP can’t get approval for a proposal on the condition that he chooses Andi in the end. He has to have decided only Andi is the one for him and then they can discuss approval. It isn’t the most dramatic of the episode, but it definitely was the type of over the top excitement that the producers want us to think of as the correct response. Although it was an iffy family encounter, it sure wasn’t the worst one (from the audience perspective at least) and she still got the final rose at the end of episode rose ceremony.

1That final rose was between Andi and Renee. It’s hard to see where they went wrong this episode because everything went so smoothly, but I guess JuanP realized there wasn’t as much there as with some of the other girls. JuanP and Renee went to the beach for a cute picnic and chat before heading over to her son’s Little League game. They seemed like the perfect, cute couple. Watching the game, cheering… all smiles. It’s what their relationship would probably consist of. Then, he met Ben, they played a little catch, and went back to meet the family. Everything was civil and happy. Renee was totally in love with JuanP but had the same problem as Nikki and just couldn’t get it out. It was interesting to see basically the exact same conversation between Renee and JuanP as what happened earlier with Nikki. They were both thinking “lots of things” but just couldn’t say it. In the end, I guess he just didn’t think it would work out.

It’s nice to see Renee open up and be such a fun, genuine girl on the show though. I don’t know if she’d want to leave her kid for another couple of months to do the Bachelorette, but she has my vote. However, the producers probably don’t want another person with a kid.

Clare’s hometown in Sacramento was the most dramatic of the episode, but she had to learn her dramatic flair somewhere. It was all well and fine as they met up in a park to chat about her father, how they had their father/daughter wedding dance before he died, so she’d at least get to have it, and how he’d never be more than a stones throw away. After getting JuanP all emotional they feed some geese and head over to her massive family of girls. She’s the youngest of 6 girls so it’s understandable that some of them would be protective, however Laura was a bit on the crazy side. Constantly hovering around their mum so Clare couldn’t have a private chat, sticking her nose in to say they don’t approve of this situation… it ruined it for Clare, which is understandable. Later, when JuanP went off to talk with the mother, Laura had to follow once again, but he was able to handle her quite well. I don’t know what he really said, other than a few pleasantries about their father, but it seemed to pacify Laura. In the end, Clare got a rose and said she could be in the process of falling for JuanP. That’s quite a bit behind Nikki, but maybe one week will give her a push in her desire for the ring.

The fantasy suite episode airs tonight, same time same place, as each of the girls have their respective breakdowns. Are all the girls crying about the same thing? Probably not, though the episode description does mention one contender pays a surprise visit which could mean one of two things. Either one of the three girls shows up to ruin someone else’s date or Sharleen comes back because she “made a mistake by leaving.” JuanP seemed really into Sharleen, so that might change things for him. Either way, can we finally hope for some Chris Harrison discussion time? I’m really missing out on that this season!

What do you think will happen, and who do you think JuanP will end up choosing? Enter our poll and let us know in the comments below!

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