Survivor 28 Cagayan starts off with a ‘Hot Girl with a Grudge’

Eighteen Americans are split up into three teams of six: brains, brawn, and beauty. Each team expects their strength will give them an edge but they all have the same strength so that won’t be much of an advantage this season. I’m interested to see how quickly they’ll get on each others nerves.

Each tribe has to pick a leader who then selects a weakest link. I guess they decided last season that Redemption Island wasn’t a popular idea. Thank god. Beauty picks mysterious LJ who doesn’t like Morgan. He trusts cute more than hot, which is a wise decision. Brawn chose Sarah and she chucked Trish. Brain’s David became the leader and immediately sends Garrett away. Instead of sending the physically weakest member to the sidelines he chose probably their best bet for a competition? Not a great opening move. David is also the one who wore a blazer. I expected better from the brain tribe. Lucky for all the members immediately disregarded, they’ll be getting to camp first to make some big decisions. That’s an interesting twist, but really I’m just happy they’re not getting sent home immediately.

Brawn tribe. Image credit: CBS

Brain tribe. Image credit: CBS

Garrett gets a choice of rice for the tribe or a hidden immunity idol clue. Wow we’re breaking out those clues quickly! He obviously chooses the clue (David couldn’t even pretend to be upset about picking him?), and quickly finds the idol. I’m definitely liking this guy. J’Tia has a PhD in nuclear engineering so she immediately starts planning out a shelter but her abrasive attitude and extravagant ideas turn everyone against her pretty quickly.

Trish had a bigger think about the idol/rice conundrum and in the end went with helping her tribe and grabbing the extra rice. That’s a nice gesture but she doesn’t seem game-smart yet. Everyone gets to the camp, very friendly, and working on some shelter. Sarah and Tony are both cops but he lied about it which definitely put a target on his back in her eyes. If he ever decides to tell her the truth there’ll be some bad blood there.

Morgan’s the girl who holds grudges, so she goes in search of the idol as well. But where there’s beauty there isn’t always brains and she isn’t able to find it. When everyone showed up she made up a decision about choosing rice and some utensils that everyone was given but LJ saw right through that and figured she had an immunity idol clue. They quickly get to work on fire without flint and coconuts which showed that they’ll actually have some success out in the wild.

Beauty tribe. Image via CBS

Beauty tribe. Image via CBS

Immunity Challenges are one of the most fun parts of this show and this looks to be a good test of abilities. Tribes must manoeuvre a cart through an obstacle course, getting keys and trunks, before taking apart their cart, pushing it through an obstacle, and completing a puzzle. Along with immunity, the first tribe also wins a fire-making kit while the second will get flint. The brain tribe is all over the place, they’re rushing and they just can’t think straight. Brawn is in the lead and Jeff Probst can’t handle just how horrible the brain tribe is doing. Beauty has been picking up the pace throughout the puzzle (surprisingly) and ended up in first with brawn close behind.

After the challenge Garrett is set on David, David is set on Garrett, and Kass is set on J’Tia. Garrett seems like he’ll be a good bluffer but Spencer’s concerns about potential idol clues could get interesting. At Tribal Council, J’Tia speaks up right away about her failure at shelter building but then Jeff turns it to David and it doesn’t seem to go too well for him. In the end, David’s sent home blindsiding him and Kass.

After their vote, Kass has become the swing vote right away with the boys trying to pull her into a final three alliance. On beauty, everyone is playing around and being silly but Brice sees what people are doing and makes an early alliance with Jeremiah and Morgan.Woo and Cliff of brawn go off in the boat for some fishing but they end up capsizing. Trish and Lindsey are already getting on each others nerves which inspires Tony to create a “spy shack.”

Brawn tribe. Image via CBS

Brawn tribe. Image via CBS

The second immunity challenge involves climbing into bamboo cages, untying the underwater ropes and pulling out heavy fish traps before one castaway must complete a complicated puzzle. The first tribe wins a large fish kit (nets, worms, lures, cooking utensils) and the second tribe wins a smaller reward of lures and weights. Brawn sits out Cliff and beauty sits out Brice. J’Tia is the slowest swimmer putting brains behind again. Brawn and brain release their cage doors quickly and beauty falls a little behind. Garrett is able to pull brain far ahead but they fall back a bit when Sarah of brawn is able to finish the puzzle quickly and pulls out a win. LJ of beauty is able to quickly pull ahead in the puzzle as J’Tia starts to panic. Beauty ends up in second with brain going back to Tribal.

After the challenge, brawn’s Tony searches through their winnings and finds the idol. At brain camp Garrett pulls everyone together to talk about who they’ll send home but Tasha wants to go off and strategize. Is there any way not to sent J’Tia home at this point? She even throws the rice on the fire to finalize it but when they get to Tribal Garrett starts talking crazy and gets himself sent home with his idol still at camp. Funny that both the leader and weakest link are sent home for the brains.

Next week, Tony starts looking for an ally as the rains put a damper on everyone’s mood. Have the Survivor Gods come again?

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