Survivor 28: a new ‘Cops-R-Us’ alliance forms as a Beauty goes home

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Last week saw the start of Survivor Cagayan with teams made up of brains, brawn, and beauty. The brains tribe lost both obstacle/puzzle immunity challenges of the week and sent home David and Garrett.

After the Brain-train wreck of last week, Spencer started thinking about how to keep himself there for another couple of weeks. Tasha wanted to practice for the challenge with the information from tree mail so they would have a better chance of winning the challenge, but that was the part they failed at the most. Brawn‘s Tony doesn’t trust anyone but decided to confide in Sarah that he’s a police officer. Sarah was putting a lot more faith in the coppers alliance than him, as he immediately started telling her lies about other alliances on their tribe.

The immunity challenge involved passing water between tribe mates until filling a bucket and then solving a vertical maze. The first tribe to finish won blankets, pillows, mosquito nets and a tarp while the second tribe won a tarp. Despite the brain practice they’re still last during the water-tossing phase with beauty finishing that phase first. The brains finally get to the maze as brawn won the challenge, but brain pulled it together as the beauty‘s fell apart allowing brains to come in second. That means Spencer is safe, but the beauty‘s will need to start strategizing.

The Beauty’s manage to still look pretty good with all the pouring rain, I don’t know how that happened. Jefra is complaining a lot and LJ decides to keep his mouth shut and go in search of the hidden immunity idol. I’m liking this beauty guy, he seems to have enough brains on him to realize Morgan was talking shit last episode. I love the potential smarts this guy has, unfortunately it didn’t live up during the challenge. LJ thinks he has Jeremiah, Alexis, and Jefra wanting to vote out Brice while Brice and Morgan think they have Jeremiah and Jefra to vote out Alexis. Jeremiah’s in a bit of a spot, but unless something were to turn against him at Tribal he’ll be set… (dot dot dot, hmm — I’m sorry I just love Brice)

Tribal Council provides more uncertainty than anything else. Brice immediately outs Alexis as being on the chopping block, but so are Brice and Morgan. Jeremiah is called on to share his thoughts on where the vote is going but he was too iffy to really say anything of importance. The votes get split 2 all between Alexis, Morgan, and Brice which is quickly solved during the tie-breaker vote sending Brice home.

Next episode there’s a blindfolded challenge that the brawn tribe might try to throw. We live tweet each episode with the west coast @TheReviewWeekly, join in our conversation!