Bachelor 18: JuanP Is ‘Honest’ and Chooses Nikki (+ The Next Bachelorette)


If I hear JuanP talk about being honest one more time, I might strangle him. Andi hated him saying “it’s okay”? Well I think everyone watching The Bachelor has had it with his excuse for being a dick.

The episode started off with both of the girls meeting JuanP’s large family. What was most telling of whole season was his family asking if the girls were really ready to deal with JuanP. I think his mum summed it up when she constantly told Clare that he could be quite rude. Nikki had previously met JuanP’s parents, baby mama, and daughter Camilla so it was a much less awkward greeting when she first walked in. While Clare tried to shake Camilla’s hand, Nikki got cheek kisses from both the young girls.

After those weird family dates we went straight into the final 1on1 dates of the season, first with Clare and then Nikki. Clare’s date got off to a rocky start as they went to a hill in a helicopter where JuanP said something rude and crude to her which made her realize he probably only cared about a physical connection. In the evening, she cried before they sat down to discuss what he said. He was just being honest and didn’t seem to know what he’d done wrong. Then he proceeded to blaming Clare for their steamy make out sessions, yet somehow convinced her to stay. Nikki’s date seemed to be much smoother yet it still ended with her getting emotional. He was honest about not being sure about her, but then she showed him letters and photos she’d framed to be all cute.

With no Chris Harrison discussions during this finale episode, I have to assume it’s because Harrison just really hated JuanP. That was obvious during the After the Final Rose. Anyway the Final Rose… Clare showed up first, meaning she was being sent home, and after spilling her love for him he told her she wasn’t right for him. He tried to go in for the hug but she held him off and finally stood up for herself and became one of the best parts of the season. Despite my casual dislike of her through much of the season, she really won back points when she said she’d lost respect for him and would never want him to be the father of her children. Good on her. Nikki came up next, and as he was doing the normal ring-fiddling scene we expected him to propose. Instead, he honestly told her that he liked her a lot but wasn’t completely sure and didn’t want to propose until he was. He did give her the rose which she foolishly accepted but even though this was the time for saying you love the other person, he just kept up with liking her a lot.

The After the Final Rose really kept up with the same ridiculous phrasing as he repeatedly said he was honest and refused to say he loved her because it was “private.” He’s on a national TV show and he expects things to be private? He must be crazy… Normally the runner up gets a chance to talk with JuanP at the beginning of the show, but she smartly refused, stating that she already had her closure and didn’t care about him anymore. I don’t even know what to say about this season… I definitely second Chris Harrison’s thoughts that it was a bust of a season, and I’m happy it’s over with. I’m also looking forward to the inevitable breakup of JuanP and Nikki, and to hear her side of it once it’s over. She didn’t speak one word while he was out and he had his arm around her like he was possessive, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a bit abusive to her (emotionally or physically). I hope it isn’t the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Kind of like how Jake Pavelka gave me the same feelings a couple seasons ago.

In the end, Andi was announced as the next Bachelorette, and I can’t say I’m as displeased about this as I expected. I know I didn’t really like her during the season, but they always grow on me initially and then fall apart at the end. Hopefully she has a good crop of men show up to seduce her!

The Bachelorette with Andi premieres on ABC on May 19! For all our Bachelor 18 posts, click here!

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