The Best of Belfry’s SPARK Fest


The Belfry’s sixth annual SPARK Festival returned this March for some fun, inventive theatre performances with over 40 free events and 5 big shows.

12960202914_5fb0b82ba5_m1. Terminus: From Toronto’s Outside the March Theatre, this has been called “Tarantino set to poetry” and we have to say, that’s a perfect description of it. A mother with a heavy conscience races to save a near-stranger from a vicious situation. A young woman finds comfort, sex and even love in the arms of a disembodied soul. And a dangerous loner prowls the pubs, longing to belt out Bette Midler for all to hear. Terminus explores the darkness that insecurity drives us to, and the light which comes from shedding who we’ve been and accepting who we are. Dark, emotional, wildly imaginative… This is one of our top picks of everything we’ve seen at the Belfry to date. With only the words and the emotion in the actor’s voice to go on for over 90 minutes this was a surprisingly captivating ride through three very interesting lives.

2. When It Rains: What looks like a graphic novel, makes you laugh, and breaks your heart? One of the best parts of this show from Halifax’s 2b theatre is the use of light projection to create the setting. The way they used the light to tell the story was so interesting, especially to see it choreographed so perfectly. A black comedy with heartbreaking dramatic scenes, this show kept the audience on their emotional toes, never knowing what to expect next.