Meet Bachelorette Andi’s 25 Men!


After leaving Juan Pablo after the Fantasy Suite date, Andi Dorfman is looking for a man in her own season of ABC’s long running franchise. With only one weekend between now and the start of Andi’s season of The Bachelorette, we thought we’d give you a run down of each of her men. For the ABC bios on each man click the link on their name. From basketball coaches to opera singers, Andi’s going to have a handful as she meets 25 men on May 19th.

The season starts at 9:30 on Monday May 19 on ABC in America and OMNI in Canada. We’ll be live tweeting the premiere and every subsequent episode @TheReviewWeekly, follow us and join in the conversation!

  1. Andrew, 29, is an LA boy working at Facebook after getting a BA in history. A man after my own heart with that degree, however I’m always suspicious of those from LA or in the music/TV biz as I’m concerned they’re just searching for fame. However, he is cute and seems down to earth in his bio. Plus, he likes seafood and mac & cheese.
  2. Bradley, 32, is a Chicagoan opera singer. He works as an Apple over-the-phone techie but you can check out his music here. I guess they realized Sharleen was an interesting one last season so they’ve searched for another opera star? Maybe he’ll be more open to serenade Andi (can you say points in the bachelorette league??).  He’s a tall guy with big feet, so you know what that means… it’s hard to find clothes/shoes that fit. I’m not into this guy though.
  3. Brett, 30, is a hair stylist at a spa in Pennsylvania. I don’t know what to expect from this guy. Another tall guy, and he definitely does have good hair. He’s cute but I don’t know if he has the substance Andi’s looking for. Plus, his favourite movie is American Pie? I don’t know if that’ll suit her.
  4. Brian, 27, is an assistant high school basketball coach in Pennsylvania. He’s athletic, and looks like he can make Andi laugh from the promos I’ve seen so far.
  5. Carl, 30, is one of those fit, attractive firemen you were warned about. From the looks of things he’s popular with the ladies over in Fort Lauderdale as he does his cross fit and yoga. Although he might be a bit cocky he also seems to be career minded which might interest Andi.
  6. Chris, 32, from Arlington Iowa is an interesting one. Rumour has it he’s a rich guy with acres of land and Andi shows interest in him. He’s cute and currently working for Summit Farms.
  7. Cody, 28, is a former sixth grade teacher and is now a personal trainer and boot camp instructor in Chicago. He’s big and I’m personally not into that. If Andi is into the soccer style of good ol’ JuanP then she won’t be too interested in this guy.
  8. Craig, 30, is currently in Colorado after a university degree in South Dakota. Not much is known about him yet, so we’ll have to give it some time. Why was he a stripper for his uncle’s 50th birthday party???
  9. Dylan, 26, is a Boston boy and he’s the tragic story man of the season. He lost his brother at an early age and then in 2009 lost his sister as well. I don’t want to say there had to be a guy with a heartbreaking story, but there did.
  10. Emil, 33, is a helicopter pilot (exciting!) and his preferred dancing style is twerking. So he’s a funny guy I guess.
  11. Eric, 32, was a competitor on the show but has since died due to a paragliding incident. Although he had left the show before this tragic incident, he’s still being included for the season. He’s cute, seems interesting,
  12. Jason, 35. he’s a family doctor in Kansas City. I wasn’t too interested in him to be honest.
  13. JJ 31, from San Fransisco. He’s educated with an MBA and owns his own apparel company. Ummm, yeah. He’s outdoorsy but is definitely going to come out of the limo in an interesting outfit.
  14. Josh B, 29, from Denver works at Century Link. He’s cute.
  15. Josh M, 29, from Andi’s hometown of Athens, Georgia he’s a sure bet to go far. Her father is a big football fan and his brother is a recently graduated UGA quarterback. Josh himself played minor league baseball for five years and is a financial services rep for Capstone Financial. My bet is that he’ll stay in for a while.
  16. Marcus, 26, was originally from Canada but now is in Texas. He played soccer in a Danish club before transferring to a Dallas team. I don’t know if Andi wants another footballer, but hopefully this guy won’t say it’s okay as much. He’s cute.
  17. Marquel, 26, is a UFC sales coordinator in Las Vegas. He’s cute and I love his idea of a fun Saturday night: cookies, wine, and Netflix.
  18. Mike, a 29 year old bartender from New York. I don’t know if Andi will want someone without aspirations like herself.
  19. Nick S, 27, is a professional golfer from Florida. He has a YouTube account making funny golf videos, he models for 18 Greens golf clothing company, and he is friends with Brody Jenner of the Kardashian clan
  20. Nick V, 33, is a Chicagoan from a big family of eleven children. He’s educated in business and currently works for He’s attractive and I just have a feeling he’ll be there for a while.
  21. Patrick, 29, from New Jersey used to play on a soccer team and now works in the media/communications industry. He likes to call himself Patrick Jags. Who wants to bet he’ll be a smooth talker?
  22. Ron, 28, currently in Nashville though that’s not always where he’s been. With parents from Israel and Barbados and both having jobs in the UN he’s traveled quite a lot. He also knows four languages so he might be able to seduce Andi with his educated, cultured manner.
  23. Rudie, 32, is a personal injury lawyer in California. Being a lawyer like Andi might allow some career connection between the two of them.
  24. Steven, 30, he’s a snowboard producer in California. He definitely has the surfer/snowboarder lifestyle.
  25. Tasos, 30, is a photographer and DJ in Denver. He’s also probably a sweet guy as he teaches a Spanish program at the school where his mum works.