Andi Premiere’s Her Intelligent Bachelorette Season

After starting with a really classy intro to remember Eric Hill, the fallen bachelor, we get straight into tears with Andi’s sister and then the awkward intros. You can find the points results from the episode here.


Andi and Brett’s lamp

JJ showed up with an off-centre tie and a bit too much enthusiasm. Tasos the wedding planner brought a lock to attach to a gate like the lovers bridge in Paris but after he left she said it was adorable which is really just girl code for uninterested. Cody, oh the horrible Cody…  He showed up in a much too casual outfit, in a tshirt and popped collar… Oh he was awful. Rudie the lawyer entered with a fake legal contract that seemed to keep Andi interested with their similar careers.

Next up was Jason’s awkward “I’m a doctor and… you’re pretty hot.” Ugh. Patrick showed up and demonstrated his soccer skills in a send off to Juan Pablo, but it ended up being a cute moment. The hairdresser Brett showed up with a lamp due to his mother’s advice to always come prepared. I don’t know how a lamp prepared him for meeting the woman he might end up proposing to, but it was a weird gimmick.


Andi and Eric

During the cocktail party, Marquel pulled out a spread of cookies to woo Andi with, and it was a fun way to make his mark. He definitely came off as a sweetie there. Eric, the man who since passed away, got into some interesting conversation about travel with Andi. It’s sad to think he isn’t around anymore, especially as he seems like such a favourite with audiences.

The strangest moment of the night was when Chris Bukowski showed up to crash the party and get some time with Andi. Apparently, he’d been hanging around the Bachelor Mansion for a week waiting for them to start filming the show so he could crash it, but who wants someone that’s basically stalking them? Chris Harrison showed up to calm down the situation and then went to Andi who rejected Bukowski’s advances without even seeing him.

With that taken care of the roses were handed out. Nick V was blown away when he received the first impression rose, telling the camera he thought she gave it to him because she felt sorry for him. I don’t know how someone can be that bashful on a show like this, but it was incredibly sweet. The rest of the men Andi kept were Andrew, Bradley, Brett, Brian, Carl, Chris, Cody, Craig, Dylan, Eric, JJ, Josh M, Marcus, Marquel, Nick S, Patrick, Ron, and Tasos. I’m sad that Emil and Rudie left because they both seemed nice, but at least there are some good ones.

In previews for upcoming episodes, it looks like there’s a lot of male drama. Looks like Marquel gets in fights with a bunch of people and Nick V turns cocky about his connection with Andi. Josh M, Marcus, and Chris seem to stick around throughout the previews.