The Bachelorette 10×02: The Men get Naked, Drunk, and Smitten

The first regular episode of the season with dates instead of limo exits, and it came with shirtless men, drunken men, and smitten men. See a pattern here? For the points from this episode, check it out here!

Eric got the first date card of the season and they had a cute, playful afternoon at the beach building sand castles and making sand angels. Andi finally got her first helicopter ride and they made it to a mountain. Wasn’t the first date of JuanP’s season a snow date as well? Interesting… Of course Andi’s barely snowboarded before, so she gets an instructor to help Eric teach her. Despite the clichéd aspects of the date, Eric is coming off really cute and sweet. During the night portion, Eric and Andi get into lots of conversation about his travelling and desire for kids. It was a little too real and sad for this show… If he continues on like this I don’t see how he’ll be sent home anytime soon.

1Ryan, Marquel, Bradley, Craig, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Carl, Tasos, Josh, Ron, Marcus, Nick S, and Dylan all make it onto the first group date of the season. What are they doing you ask? Well they’re getting their Magic Mike on of course. The emotion of Andi’s first date needed a bit of balance with the shirtless men.  The men were split up into three groups of four (firemen, cowboys, and army) and two solos (robot and pilot) while Andi called on Sharleen and Kelly to help her judge the competition. Winners were definitely Brian, Josh, and Marcus from the dancing and they seemed to keep it up as the evening went along.

Brian stole Andi away pretty quickly to chat about how nervous he was while she checked him out a lot. He definitely seems like a contender for the season. Then again, Josh kept Andi entertained by his body during the firemen skit and in the evening as he seemed to keep a protective eye on her during the Craig drama. Which brings us to the drama of the date, when Craig got druuuunk! He was asking Andi about the other guys, and other inappropriate things. He ended up in the pool and the producers had to intervene and send him to bed. After Andi’s emotional moment, she was pulled aside by Marcus to relax and open up which ended in him getting the rose. Poor Marquel not getting any time with her, but good on Marcus for getting the rose.

ANDI DORFMAN, CHRISThe second one-one-one of the season went to Chris, the cute farmer. They head over to the race track and bet on some horses while dressed up in 40’s glam. A cute old couple was scripted to ask about how long they’d been together and Chris ended up feeling like a winner. How sweet. During their evening together they chatted about his previous relationship, danced to the first private concert, and he even got the first kiss/make out of the season! Another one to watch? He definitely seems like the perfect gentleman so far.

During the cocktail party Nick V planned a little one-on-one time for the two of them with a faux-date card and pre-planned questions. It really showed his interest, and keeps showing that Andi’s communication skills are on par with normal people. Marquel pulled her aside with a crazy shirt and tie combo but he got her laughing. She also got in some more Josh time where he started rambling, blushing, giggling, and talking about butterflies. He is so smitten. Craig tried to cover up his mistake with a song but it was so…bad.

In the end, Andi sent Carl, Craig, and Nick S home. Not exactly surprising for any of them. The next episode is actually a two-day event, starting on Sunday night. So tweet with us during both @TheReviewWeekly and we’ll see you on Sunday! But tell us… who are you upset about getting sent home?