The Bachelorette 10×03: Singing, Aging, and Confrontation

Last week, Josh was smitten beyond belief and Andi enjoyed a strip show on her group date. This week the men sang their hearts out to a Boys II Men song, during a concert in front of thousands. For the points from this episode, check it out here!

Nick had the first 1on1 of the episode. They went hiking and cycling around Santa Barbara before stopping for dinner and a rose. It was an uneventful date, I feel like I didn’t really get much personality from him. Some of the guys at the house thought he might only be showing her one side of himself. There’s some good potential for controversy later on, but we shall see.

2Eric, Bradley, Marquel, Josh, Patrick, Brian, Cody, Marcus, Brett, Ron, and Tasos all joined Andi and Boys II Men for a performance of the song I’ll Make Love to You. If you thought all these guys were going to be good singers then you were wrong. Oh so wrong. Bradley showed off his operatic skills which I don’t think impressed anyone, though he thought it did. Everyone else was off-key and just… normal, really, because most people can’t sing well. They guys were split into two groups and did a big performance in front of a whole Boys II Men concert of “thousands” which was a great location for Josh and Marcus to forget the words as they tried to serenade Andi.

In the evening part of the date Andi pulled Cody aside to confront him about the guys mentioning that he had a girlfriend, but it all ended up being a joke. Ha ha. I don’t know, we’re not big fans of Cody over here, but I can see that she likes joking around with him which is good. Eric spent his one on one time confirming that Andi knows he’s interested in her and had a good date last week. Marquel was going through some of the basics (favourites, etc) with her. Marcus had a goal of kissing Andi during his one on one time, and he ended up getting the kiss he wanted, but not the rose. Josh spent his time joking around and making out with Andi, while telling her how much he was into her as well. They’re definitely my favourite couple of the season, and Andi seemed to like him — she gave him the group rose.

1JJ’s first date with Andi for the season was the second 1on1 of the week. Instead of a normal dinner and movie, Andi had them dress up in old people makeup and clothes and wander through the Santa Barbara boardwalk fooling people and thinking about their potential future. She must like JJ, because he got some kisses during their first date. It was a bit of a strange one but it fit their joking personalities quite well. However, it doesn’t actually show Andi what they’d be like when they’re old like she kept saying. Their dinner was flirty and fun and JJ ended up getting the rose.

During the cocktail party, Nick had flowers delivered to Andi with a letter while Eric was chatting, leaving him speechless. That was sweet that he’d get her flowers but I can’t help wondering whether he’s just playing her like some of the guys thought earlier. JJ comes up to Josh with some information about Andrew getting a girl’s number from a previous group date and then bragging to the guys at the house. They end up confronting Andrew about it, but he immediately walks upstairs into his room while JJ pesters him. That definitely shows he was feeling the pressure, but after composing himself he went downstairs and was surrounded by all the men while Josh, JJ, and Nick confronted him. Bitch fiiiiiight. Andrew played dumb the entire time which didn’t look good for him. It was all very dramatic, for this show. I can only imagine some of Andi’s drama tomorrow is about that as well.

In the end, Andi didn’t hear about any of this drama, Ron left due to a friend’s passing, and Andi sent home Bradley and Brett. The next episode is tomorrow night, so tweet with us @TheReviewWeekly! But tell us… What do you think of Andrew?

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