The Bachelorette 10×04: Man-tears, Fear, and Misunderstandings

Last night, Andi spent her dates in Santa Barbara singing and aging. Tonight, Andi’s brought the men to New England for dates, drama, and misunderstanding.

Dylan and Andi have the first 1on1. It’s a nice time for him to relax and stop being nervous, but during their luxury train ride he barely looks at her and seems really awkward. Maybe he just needed a more formal time to open up, because at dinner he told her the emotional story of his siblings passing away. Definitely a moving first date, but I don’t think Andi developed any strong feelings during it, though she did give him the rose.

SWIN CASH, NNEKA OGWUMIKE, LINDSEY HARDING, ELENA DELLE DONNE, TAMIKA CATCHINGS, ANDI DORFMANJJ, Chris, Eric, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick, Andrew, Nick, and Josh all made it onto the group date where they were to play basketball against some all-star women. When they went to play against the girls they were completely destroyed, which isn’t surprising as the girls are professional. The guys were split up into the Rosebuds and Five of Hearts to compete to join Andi for the evening. The first half was evenly matched but Brian the basketball coach kicked it into high gear for the second half and won by a landslide.

As the Rosebuds won, they got time with Andi. Eric sat her down for a heartfelt conversation about their awkwardness since the first date, ending in him telling her about his family and his decision to forsake religion. Brian took her back to the basketball court to teach her some things. He made an impressive half court shot and although Andi wanted him to kiss her he froze up and left her high and dry. He still got the rose, which was definitely a sign of her interest, but she’d have to wait until later for their first kiss.

Andi took Marcus on the second 1on1 date where they could conquer their fears together. Ah, finally we’ve hit the fear date! They repelled down a skyscraper, but only after Marcus acted the man and spent a lot of time helping Andi off the initial ledge. He really played the gentleman part well, and I have to say I was impressed with how good he was despite his own fears. During dinner he was so nervous about the rose that he covered it with a napkin before she gave it to him, and they talked about relationships and opening up to one another. Every one on one really has me thinking about how much conversation actually happens this season and it’s so impressive. Definitely loving her.

The country boy that he is, he enjoyed the private country concert so much he even told her he was falling in love with her. That’s an impressive step to take so early in the show, he’s the first to do that, but I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be broken-hearted in the end. He’s so sweet, and has definite Bachelor potential if he doesn’t make it, but the first to say something so serious frequently ends up hurt.

Between Andi’s date with Marcus and the cocktail party, a special delivery of a love letter from her “secret admirer” showed up. Who could this be from? We don’t actually know, but I have my guesses of who it could be. Josh? He’s so gaga for her. Brian? He keeps telling her how smitten he is. Marcus? He did just say he’s falling for her… Only time will tell, and how exciting will that be.

The cocktail party was where all the drama happened, but the producers definitely built it up to be something when it was absolutely nothing.Yes someone went home before the rose ceremony, yes that person did die afterwards, but the drama they made it into wasn’t worth it.

Tasos sat Andi down for a casual conversation instead of his normal grand gestures. Brian pulled her aside to get that kiss from her, which she was definitely very happy about. Marquel’s time was spent being goofy and teaching Andi to defend herself. He looks so cute in glasses, I hope he stays for a while. But then… the drama. Eric showed up for a conversation about how they ended things on the group date. She felt he wasn’t opening up? He felt she was too aware of the TV aspect of the show, and that he didn’t get enough real Andi time when they were together. Unfortunately, he used the terms poker face and actress which really got under her skin, so she wasn’t able to back up and see the whole picture. After getting offended, they weren’t able to work it out even when Eric backtracked and he ended up leaving before the rose ceremony began. Immediately after that, we cut to Chris Harrison and Andi Dorfmann sitting down after the filming to discuss what happened, as Eric is no longer alive.

Some are really angry about how the producers of The Bachelorette handled Eric’s departure saying he shouldn’t have been shown as the bad guy as he left. However, there was no way else for them to show him leave. He got in an argument with Andi, they did not agree, and he grabbed a taxi and left. Yes, it’s unfortunate. No, I can’t imagine how Andi must feel about this, but that doesn’t mean the producers had to pretend he went home for a different reason because he has since passed. If they had completely taken all of his moments out of the show then I’d be incredibly angry. Showing him allowed everyone to see his amazing personality, his incredible spirit, and his journey to find love. He will forever be remembered on the show, rather than tucked away into a little corner of oblivion that no one knows about. I think what the producers did was absolutely the right decision, spending time talking about Eric rather than seeing the end of the episode and the rose ceremony.

Eric and Tasos were sent home during the episode, and points for this week can be found here. There’s no episode next Monday, so instead we’ll be posting our Top Five men of this season! But we have to ask..

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