The Bachelorette Tests the Men’s Trust (+ Who’s the Secret Admirer?)

Last week Andi decided to forgo the cocktail party and send three guys home immediately. Unfortunately, that meant the bromance couple of Patrick and Andrew was sent home along with one of our favourites, Marquel. Good news for Marquel, he’ll have another chance at love on the new show starting later this summer, Bachelor in Paradise.

Points for this week of our Bachelorette league can be found here.

Andi’s first date of the week starts immediately. Immediately, as Andi continually stresses. Instead of choosing Cody as expected, she had Nick come for a second one on one. As the music swells to make us think this was a really dramatic choice that everyone was getting angry about, Cody calmed down as he realized she would asses Nick’s previous behaviour during the date. After wandering around for a couple hours and butchering Italian, they showed up at a beautiful palace in “masquerade” costumes for a serious conversation about the drama from last week and Nick’s feelings towards Andi. He ended up getting the rose and a private concert in their masks.

Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ, and Chris all made it onto the group date giving Cody the second one on one of the week. Before she went on the date, Andi received a third letter from her secret admirer. When they got to the date and she announced they’d be doing a lie detector test there were some mixed reactions. Brian knows he’ll be honest and nothing will go wrong, Josh doesn’t understand why they can’t have honesty without the test, and Dylan tells her he needs to go back to the hotel after doing his test. Maybe his sickness was actually due to the fact that he doesn’t wash his hands? Turns out he lied about that, but it’ll be interesting to find out why he went home.

Unsurprisingly, there were some lies being told by both the guys and Andi. Brian immediately opened Andi’s results to find out what she lied about while Andi decided to rip up the men’s results. Bad move, I really wanted to know how they all fared! I imagine she had some serious regrets about that when she sat down with Josh as he got upset about being forced to do the test. Everyone else had found the funny side by that point, why couldn’t he?

Marcus sat her down to open up about how he wanted to leave earlier in the week but how he’s here now and can confidently tell her he’s in love with her. What a sweetie. I hope he doesn’t get hurt though. Chris showed up to tell Andi about the letters he’d been writing to her (surprise) which wowed her so much she gave him the rose. I guess she likes the romantic side of Chris! After she left, JJ started complaining because someone else got the group rose, while Brian was the bigger man and congratulated Chris for it. A whole lot of male drama for no reason.

Cody’s date started off with an exploration of Verona for a Romeo & Juliet date. They go write Juliet letters to the lovesick men and women who submitted them before sitting down for dinner. He started a long ramble about how much he liked her and where he saw her in his future… but it didn’t end well for him when she stopped him, cried, and told him she didn’t see him that way. Ouch. Although I didn’t like him for the show, he definitely did seem like a sweet guy.

In the end, Andi sent JJ home with Cody, keeping Brian, Chris, Dylan, Josh, Marcus, and Nick for the next week in Brussels.

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