The Bachelorette Goes to Brussels for a Week of Concerts, Fireworks, and Love

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Chris Harrison sits the guys down for a discussion about how serious things are getting with hometown’s next week. Why are all the men wearing scarves? This is not an attractive look on them! Did a stylist come by and say they all needed to wear them because they were in Europe?

Marcus had the first one on one of the week. After some goofy photos and touristy exploration, they sat down for some mussels at a cute outdoor cafe to discuss his revelation from last week that he wanted to leave. Turns out, it wasn’t because he didn’t like her, but due to how quickly he was falling for her. They seem quite natural together when they were walking to dinner, and their chat about his family seemed like one of the most unscripted conversations of the season so far. Minus Andi’s pouting lip, of course.

Josh gets the second one on one, meaning Chris, Nick, Brian, and Dylan will be on the group date. Nick gets melodramatic about Andi and the rose, and decides to go off in search of her hotel room. Despite that hotel sneak over definitely being staged, I would never want to go to a hotel that has such bad security. He takes her out for a wander through Brussels where they make out but don’t say very much. Apparently Nick gets thoughts about wanting to marry Andi, but he seemed so manipulative when he was saying that.

For another tourist date, Andi and Josh explore the town of Ghent. They run into a parade of large ducks with a drummer. I don’t know why that occurred, but it was cute. There’s more eating on this date, so maybe Josh is getting serious with Andi despite not being able to express it. They visit a castle for a cozy dinner date and Andi gets concerned when he hasn’t said he’s falling for her yet. Not that she’s able to reciprocate the thoughts. Luckily, that all gets cleared up when not only does Josh tell her he’s falling for her, but he also mentions marriage. Of course they have a concert set up for them, but it didn’t seem like a very interesting one.

Nick, Dylan, Brian, and Chris end up on a biking date around a broken down castle. It isn’t any normal bike though, the men all pedal on a train track system while Andi relaxes in the middle. Only Dylan seemed fit enough to do that peddling, and it wasn’t even that interesting of a segment. Once they get into a monastery they can’t kiss which would have been an interesting concept if she didn’t immediately bring Chris outside the monastery’s walls for a creative date making pottery. It’s steamy and sensual and they get to make out, but there wasn’t much conversation. During Brian’s time with Andi he lays all his cards on the table to let her know he’s falling in love with her. Nick’s stumbling over his words and getting giggly about the idea that she might be falling for him as well. Okay, that’s the first time he’s seemed genuine in a long time this season.

Andi chose to give the group rose to Nick, which sent the rest of the guys home to wallow in their rejection and contemplate Nick’s cockiness while he got to spend dinner outside of the monastery and experience an exciting fireworks show. Is it sad that I predicted the concert and fireworks before Josh’s date even started? Back at the hotel, the guys start getting into Nick’s flaws. He’s watched the past two seasons religiously to know what he was “getting himself into” and then the guys (minus Dylan, where is he anyway?) gang up about how much he talks about strategy and his contemplation of the new bachelor. That’s definitely a concerning conversation, about publicity more than his relationship with Andi. Maybe the guys are misinterpreting Nick’s comments, but I doubt it.

The cocktail party is a little awkward. The guys recently got in an argument with Nick and now need to prove themselves to Andi. It seems to be between Dylan, Brian, and Chris. Brian was interrupted by Nick after telling Andi he was falling in love while Dylan spent some time stumbling around his feelings for her. Chris pulled her aside for a dramatic conversation about his feelings and then right before the rose ceremony he grabbed her for a quick kiss. In the end, Dylan and Brian were sent home.

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