The Bachelorette Gets Gifts Before the Fantasy Suites

Andi only has three suitors left, and this week has the dramatic fantasy suite dates. The symbolic key and the awkward discussions leading toward a sex night that everyone pretends is a talking night, ah how I’ve missed them.

On her date with Nick, they take a helicopter to a private island beach for snorkelling and rambling conversation. During dinner, Nick pulls out a fairy tale he wrote for her about their time together. It was an incredibly cute gesture, and the big romantic memory-gift of the episode. He rambles a bit more and finally walks away from the camera with Andi to tell her he loves her and all the reasons he does. She laughs for a couple seconds like she’s stunned then goes in for the kiss. I know she can’t say it back even if she feels it, but that’s also not the best of reactions. They head off to the fantasy suite hand in hand.

Josh and Andi explore the capital of Dominican Republic. He’s funny, casual, and very straight forward during the day. I love that he’s able to have fun without worrying how he looks or what others are thinking of him, it’s a good trait to have. They show up to a baseball park (he did used to be a shitty player, remember) and he showed some great fatherly skills as he interacted with the kids there, teaching them and creating a fun night. Later in the day portion they’re sitting on a bench basking in the glory of their attractive-ness when he tells her he loves her. No awkward moments and hour long discussion of why, just the simple platitude which results in an immediate smile and kiss from Andi. She seemed to have a much better reaction to Josh’s exclamation than to Nick’s. At dinner they talked about their future a lot: how they’d be as parents and married life. She keeps talking about how he doesn’t know whether he can be serious, but then they have a conversation like this, so there is definitely a bit of serious in him. When the fantasy suite is brought up, he immediately agrees, and they get a firework show as they head to the room.

Andi and Chris is an interesting one. He’s my favourite guy that’s left in it, but he doesn’t stay for long. They go horseback riding which she hasn’t done in a long time. He’s a great teacher and they seem to be having a wonderful time as he contemplates when to tell her he’s in love with her. At dinner, conversation quickly turns to the fantasy suite and how she doesn’t think it’s fair to go through with it and go to the rose ceremony when she knows he isn’t right for her, despite how perfect he is on paper. He seems a bit stunned, and tells her he’s in love with her which only causes her to cry more. She did an admirable thing, sending him home right away when she knew it wasn’t right and he had a very classy goodbye.

I’m certainly excited to see everyone return next week for the Men Tell All. But I have to ask… who do you think will get the girl?

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