The Bachelorette Has Their MOST DRAMATIC FINALE EVER…Again

As always, it’s the most dramatic finale yet. Does Andi get engaged? Does she stay with the guy she initially chose? Who knows! I guess they need to get us in to watch the After the Final Rose somehow.

Nick shows up to meet Andi’s parents and he’s nervous. Like, really nervous. You know how he gets nervous sometimes right? Well, he’s nervous now. Did we mention he’s nervous and it might not go well? Boy, did they talk about how awkward he was a lot. In the end, he told Andi’s mum how much he was in love with Andi, and got her father’s approval. Not surprising that Nick was able to schmooze his way in there.

When Josh showed up, he was hot, loud, boisterous and obviously nervous. Initially her family seemed to be a little sceptical of Josh but after her sister asked all her big questions and her father gave his blessing it all seemed pretty successful for him. They definitely seem much more in tune with each other than Andi and Nick. I liked how Josh was looking at her family, as getting along with potential in laws for life rather than as a quick accomplishment.

After meeting Andi’s family, everyone travels to the Dominican Republic for the last dates before proposals. Josh is up first, and he calls her baby. Awe. They go on a yacht ride across the Caribbean because they really needed to get more tanned. They discuss how Josh asked for her dad’s blessing, so everything is really out in the open with them. That’s a really new way to do this last episode, normally people get really concerned that people don’t feel the same way but currently it seems pretty obvious that he will propose. In the evening, Andi lays out her fears that Josh rebukes. The personal memento of their date is a cute letter and even cuter, personalized baseball card where he’s named her Andi Murray. That’s a big, bold gesture even for this show.

After the break we get Andi’s last date with Nick which doesn’t seem as connected. They go over the family date and then swim for a while. In a journal entry, Nick talks about how they won’t get engaged if he doesn’t know he’s the one. That’s a bit difficult for this show… Nick gets caught up in thoughts of his previous serious relationship that ended poorly, but they get past it and talk about their lives in Chicago. Nick’s memento is a gold bag with a necklace inside that has sand from the beach he first told her he loved her on. He focuses on the other guy way too much.

Andi’s speeches about both the men showed much more conflict around Josh than Nick, but the video clips showed a better connection with Josh. Nick’s speech shows him being really calm and confident, with the ‘decision’ to propose but Josh seems more realistic as he’s contemplating the proposal. He goes about choosing rings for Andi, and then as it’s Nick’s turn and the doorbell rings… Andi’s at the door, not the ring guy. This is certainly a big twist, and probably means a breakup. What I love is the reactions from the Bachelor family. The girls looked shocked while the guys from this season were laughing and clapping like they were excited by the twist. She walks in, looking uncomfortable, and immediately breaks into her reason for being there: they aren’t going to work and she’s breaking it off. On Andi’s part it was a classy way to say goodbye to Nick.

Andi’s proposal is the only thing left. Josh is nervous and Andi is overthinking things. During the proposal, Josh uses her term “Great Love” so he’s immediately won. When she gets to speak she starts this cryptic speech that sounds like it might turn into another break up, but she ends up telling Josh she’s in love with him. It was a bit of a dull proposal as the Bachelor/Bachelorette goes, but seemed genuine.

After the Final Rose is next, and it begins with Nick’s desperate and stalker-ish attempts to get Andi’s attention after she got engaged. Call security, please. They certainly are building up Nick and Andi’s live reunion. When Nick comes out and chats with Chris Harrison it’s really just a bit dull. He’s upset, but he knows Josh is a good guy for Andi. When Andi finally gets there she seems incredibly uncomfortable. Once she’s there he doesn’t even have anything to really say to her. It’s a bit strange. Chris calls the discussion emotionally charged, I call it a therapy session. During their awkward conversation Nick brings up the fact that they had sex in the fantasy suite which Andi thought was below the belt, but everyone already expected they had sex. I guess it just meant different things for the two of them, but good news is it’s over now.

The top “bleachable” (read: embarrasing) moment of the season was when Nick interrupting the other men bitching about him, and the room just going silent. Really? That certainly wasn’t an interesting or funny moment. It’s certainly a dead moment for the show.

Josh finally comes out to join Andi on the Bachelor couch to massive cheers. It’s an adorable couple of minutes talking sneaking to each others houses, Josh liking blondes versus brunettes, and trying to get Andi pregnant. It was obvious they’re super into each other, and if they do end up getting married and being happy together then I’m happy. However, it’ll be interesting to see if they break up in the next couple weeks.

Last, I’m sure you expected the next Bachelor to be announced. So did we all. Unfortunately, you thought wrong. Despite clearly lining up Farmer Chris for the position during last week’s Men Tell All and throughout this episode, they ended without even mentioning it.

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