Bachelor in Paradise — Is It Worth It?

Ah trashy TV, it’s what an ABC summer is made of. If you thought Bachelor Pad was bad, you have another thing coming with this crazy storm of a show. With lots of familiar faces, some with previous drama and romances coming together again, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Was this show spawned because another company rented out the Bachelor Mansion for a few months? I won’t say no to views of Mexico, but it’s sad that we don’t get to see the Bachelor Mansion. I can’t say I’m not excited though, some of my favourites from the past few seasons are back. Instead of limo entrances, everyone walks down onto the beach into a little hut where they meet and mingle, and immediately discuss who they like. Clare, Marcus, Sarah, Marquel, Daniella, Graham, Lacy, Ben S, Michelle K, Robert, Dylan, Elise, and AshLee all start the season together.

Nobody was excited about Ben being there, including the editors who barely gave him any screen time. Is anybody really going to get in a relationship with him? Doubtful. Chris Harrison shows up to explain how the show will work: more girls than guys means the guys get the roses, more guys than girls mean girls get the roses. Each week there will be a couple of additions with new men or women coming in to add to the drama. He also asks for everyone to confirm their relationship status, and Michelle K gives a sketchy answer about maybe being single, which inspires Graham to leave her side on the couch and move beside Clare instead. Clearly he wants everyone to know he’s here for the “right reasons.”

The first couple to start-up and go into the waves is Dylan and Daniella, but they don’t last for long. Despite holding hands and having fun on the first night while Clare and Marcus chat about it, they don’t get mentioned ever again. Lacy immediately tries to get both Robert and Marcus into her clutches, pulling both of them into the water for some fun in the sun. Everyone notices the canoodling going on between her and more than one guy, which gets some slut shaming coming from Sarah while everyone else just sits on the sidelines and quietly judges. I’m a bit disappointed in two of my early favourite men being interested in her, she’s clearly just trying to get with any guy that will push her further into the show, but maybe Marcus needs a rebound fling for the first episode.

AshLee and Graham are the real drama for the episode though, with AshLee getting a bit crazy and possessive within seconds of talking with him. When Clare gets the date card and Graham accepts her invitation to join, AshLee starts pouting and complaining that he broke loyalties in less than 24 hours of them chatting in a beach hut. They didn’t start a relationship, he never said he was hers, so why is AshLee getting so crazy so quickly? You know a girl is crazy when Clare immediately backs down, but after talking to a racoon Clare confronts AshLee and ditches Graham for a date with Robert instead.

The Clare and Robert date doesn’t seem very date-y, as they never kiss or do anything overly cutesy. Clare sees the potential but Robert doesn’t really have anything to say in his journal time. They check out some old, destroyed castle-type buildings and then they head back. Lucy immediately goes to check on Robert to see how things went with Clare, but he confirms that nothing really happened which gets him a kiss on the cheek. That’s a bit tame for this show, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the second episode for anything more.

Later on, Marcus tells Lucy how heartbroken he is from Andi’s Bachelorette season as Lucy starts planning a day of spending time with him. Unfortunately, Sarah cuts in and brings Marcus on a date of her own. I don’t know why you’d go for one of Lucy’s guys when he clearly seems smitten (I still think it’s just a rebound though). Sarah and Marcus get to jump into a private natural pool for their date, and they kiss before their second jump, but it doesn’t seem too steamy.

The first mystery late-comer of the season is Michelle Money, and she brings a date card with her. She immediately hugs Graham and asks to chat with him about their relationship post-Bachelor Pad 3. She thinks it’s obvious they’re meant to be, but she invites Marquel on her date instead.  Michelle M is certainly a good crazy competitor to AshLee, so it’ll be interesting to see how that continues. The Michelle M and Marquel date involves horseback riding on the beach which is pretty and fun, but not overly interesting. I hope we’ll get to see more of Marquel as the season progresses though, I like him.

Once they’re back it’s the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Suddenly the rose ceremony is so much more real and the girls are frantically trying to make sure they’ll be picked by their favourite guys. It doesn’t really matter who gives you the rose, as long as you get to continue in the show, so I don’t see why it’s so desperate. Michelle K stops Marquel before he can hand out the first rose of the season and decides to leave the show. She has yet to make a good connection with any of the guys, so she’d better leave. Dylan says he was going to choose her, so it’s unfortunate he’s lost out on that one. Next episode we’ll learn more about why she left, and boy is it scandalous. The roses were handed out as follows:

Marquel – Michelle M {no surprise there, they did go on the date together}
Graham – AshLee {if he were smart he wouldn’t have done that, but she’s quite intimidating I guess?}
Marcy – Lacy {he’d told Sarah he’d choose her because Robert would choose Lacy, but I guess he went with his “heart” instead of his kind mind}
Robert – Clare {they had a date together, so I guess she’s his second choice}
Dylan – Elise {I forgot Elise was even in the show until this moment, and Dylan was a bit behind the scenes as well}
Ben – Sarah {the last to choose, Ben had promised Daniella he’d pick her but surprisingly went back on his word and picked Sarah, unexpected}

Come back next Monday for episode 2 on ABC at 8PM. We live tweet each episode with the hashtag #BachelorInParadise. Follow us @TheReviewWeekly!

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