Red Band Society: A Shining Start to the Fall Season

Red Band Society

“Your body isn’t you, your soul is you and they can never cut into your soul.”

Although one of the first shows to start in the new fall season, Red Band Society is already a standout.

A group of teenagers come together for treatment at a hospital for their ailments. A group that would never spend time together outside of the show, it’s wonderful to see the intricacies of the friendships that form, romances that blossom, and personal issues that each character works through.

As the pilot episode we only learn the basic molds that each character fits into such as the bitchy, blonde cheerleader or a plain, studious girl with eating disorders, but it’s obvious there is lots of backstory to discover. It’s interesting to think of how many possible directions there are for each character, and it will certainly be fun to keep watching.

Narrated by the boy in a coma, Charlie (Griffin Gluck), the show takes on a heartfelt, but sometimes Hallmark atmosphere. Although there were a few cheesy lines, it’s hard to get away from that when the main characters require leg amputations or heart transplants. Leo (Charlie Roth) was by far the most interesting male character so far. There’s a level of sturdiness in the performance that I wasn’t expecting from any of the young actors on the show, and his grounded portrayal came through as a standout for the show.

I also really enjoyed Zoe Levin’s character, Kara, as the snobbish cheerleader. I was drawn in so quickly to her story due to the way she laid out her emotions while also hiding so much of her story from the world.

I was hoping to delve into the adult characters a little more, but so far they all seem a little one note. I expect with a full season we’ll get more Octavia Spencer power-housing through as the responsible, no-nonsense nurse, and Dave Annable as the hot doctor.

Red Band Society airs on Monday’s at 9pm on FOX. What did you think of the first episode? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @TheReviewWeekly!