In a World of Comic Book TV Shows, Gotham Provides Origin Stories for all the Villains you Love

“Well aren’t you a cool glass of milk.”

For such a well known story, Gotham somehow keeps it interesting. Keeping in line with the recent Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies, this is gritty and almost film noir. However, where Dark Knight was a darker version of reality, this show is fantastical like a comic book.

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is the one man in this city living with a set of morals. The code that he abides by gets linked to the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents and allows for the continued mystery through the rest of the season.

Jada Pinkett Smith surprised me as the intelligent, feisty villain Fish Mooney, an original creation for the show. This female gangster is one to watch, and I’m incredibly excited to see her character progress in the underworld of this dark city.

There are some ridiculous lines, but Gotham seems to realize this and poke fun at itself as it goes through. Although sometimes the dialogue seemed stilted as though it were coming in speech bubbles, it wasn’t a glaring mistake. Hopefully after the pilot Gotham will be getting into its groove, ready to fight with the big comic book shows of CW and ABC.

The music comes hard and heavy, mixing old and new to create a thumping soundtrack that is both drowsy and somehow alive. It all feels very Sin City: the colours are over saturated, everything is fast-paced and spinning almost out of control, and the panoramas all seem like a sweeping mess of CGI. Yet despite the gimmicky moments, I loved it. It hasn’t decided whether it will be the hard hitting, gruesome cop show or a campy throwback to old time comics, but it’s an enjoyable reprieve from daily life as you venture into the world of The Penguin, Poison Ivy, and The Riddler.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll certainly keep watching, so check out our thoughts on the next episode by following us on twitter @TheReviewWeekly or checking back next week!

2 thoughts on “In a World of Comic Book TV Shows, Gotham Provides Origin Stories for all the Villains you Love

  1. The worst offender on the dialog front for me was Falcone whose conversation with Jim seemed astonishingly frank for a mob boss. I enjoyed the episode enormously and think it shows a lot of potential.

    1. Yes! It just seemed too easy. Maybe the writers felt they needed to lay out some information and crucial backstory in the pilot episode, which meant having some very straightforward dialogue with Jim and some of the characters. I’m sure that will improve as time goes on.

      Thanks for checking out our review! Make sure to come back for our thoughts next week!

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