Top Five: Movies of 2014

There were a lot of good movies this year, but of the ones I saw these were the best.

1. Boyhood. The movie that took twelve years to make is also one of the most emotionally powerful. The Academy will love it for the cinematic feat, but audiences enjoyed it for the fantastic character development and wide array of topics covered and relate-ability to all facets of life. Patricia Arquette is a quiet star, Ellar Coltrane is a wonderful newcomer, and Richard Linklater is a masterful director of this endeavour.

2. Gone Girl. One of the best wide release thrillers in recent years, Gone Girl is able to use the three acts to provide some amazing twists and turns while also bringing amazing, powerful performances from the two leads.

3. Nightcrawler. Jake Gyllenhaal is impressive as a creepy, sociopathic crime journalist desperate to do anything to break into the business. This really is a one man show as his restless, thought-provoking performance keeps you captivated throughout the two-hour screen time.

4. Chef. It’s a lighthearted movie compared to the three above, but with delicious visuals of food carefully presented to show the love these men have for cooking it easily became one of my favourite of the year. Both of the leads had their own styles of cooking and the movie visibly changed with it.

5. The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome in this fun animated movie designed for children, with enough adult humour to keep all audiences interested. There were developed characters, great voice actors, and exciting plot twists that made the movie both heartwarming and engaging. Although not my favourite animated movie, it certainly was a catching spectacle.

What were your top five movies of 2014?

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