The Bachelor: Prince Farming is an Introductory Mess

Prince Farming (AKA Chris Soules) rides into his season of The Bachelor on a motorcycle. After making a few farming metaphors for love he gets moody by showing how alone he is on his farm, motorcycle, and in town. Oh, but at least Cody (The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman) is shirtless to entertain him!

In the first hour, Chris Harrison gets to prove his hosting abilities during the ridiculous red carpet to introduce all the success stories of the previous seasons. We also get long previews of some of the girls that Prince Farming will meet tonight, and of course the first one is a virgin. Unfortunately Chris H already told us a virgin makes it to the fantasy suite, so I guess it’s safe to say she’s staying for a while. Andi and Josh show up, happy as ever from the last season to talk about how much they both like Chris. Nikki dishes about her recent breakup with Juan Pablo. She actually sounded a lot more intelligent than on JuanP’s season. Who knew?

  • Britt (27, waitress) gives Chris a big hug and hands him a little piece of paper for an extra hug.
  • Whitney (29, fertility nurse) still has a terribly annoying voice, but she’s in a short dress and seems unique and fun.
  • Kelsey (28, guidance counsellor) got a really good reaction from Chris, so she’ll be one to watch.
  • Megan (24, make up artist) talks with Chris about how nervous she is and not much more, but he called her Blondie so guess she’ll like him
  • Ashley I (26, freelance journalist) might be unemployed, because freelance positions are frequently code.
  • Trina (33, special education) is one of the older women of the show but she seems very confident and accessible which would be good.
  • Reagan (28, donated tissue specialist) brings a fake heart to give Chris as a memorable reference to her job. That’s cute.
  • Tara (26, sport fishing enthusiast) is unemployed because enthusiast isn’t a job, but she shows up in cowboy boots and shorts because she’s not the cocktail style. That certainly plays up to Chris but she definitely got judged by the rest of the girls. She ends up putting on a black dress in the end and coming back to see him for a second time out of the limo.
  • Amber (29, bartender) brings her comfort bear for Chris to show him a little piece of her.
  • Nikki (26, former NFL cheerleader) gets a quick hello but the editors are more focused on Tara than anything else. I already don’t really like Tara, but can tell Chris will love her.
  • Amanda (24, ballet teacher) initially gets the limo driver to bring Chris a letter without getting out of the limo, which tells him to turn away from the limo so she can sneak up to him. Turns out it is so she can be
  • Jillian (25, news producer) shows up and immediately they start talking about how much she works out.
  • Mackenzie (21, dental assistant) is the single mom which means the big question is when will she tell him about her child.
  • Ashley S (24, hair stylist) seems a little ditzy and dead in the eyes. He seems a little put off by her, and I really
  • Kaitlin (29, dance instructor) both swears and makes a dirty pun, then a jealousy joke, which completely stuns Chris. I don’t think she’ll be staying very long.

After fifteen girls show up he went into the mansion and started chatting with everyone. Kaitlin is a shocking, awkward person but Britt seems really sweet and they get an early connection. Whitney starts making jokes about making babies, but she’s getting some great journal reactions from him. When the next limo pulls up all the previous girls get catty and distract from the new women showing up.

  • Samantha (27, fashion designer)
  • Michelle (25, wedding cake decorator)
  • Juelia (30, aesthetician)
  • Becca (25, chiropractor) get a big hug and everyone is judging their connection.
  • Tandra (30, executive assistant) shows up in a motorcycle which mixes with
  • Alissa (24, flight attendant) brings him a seatbelt which even the girls thought was cute.
  • Jordan (24, student) brings him some whiskey for a shot.
  • Nicole (31, real estate agent) has a pig nose to “ham” it up for him. It gets some mockery from the girls but he seems to like it.
  • Brittany (26, WWE Diva-In-Training) what a shocking dress and gimmicky first meeting… “Soulesmates”
  • Carly (29, cruise ship singer) brings a children’s singing toy but she looks like a kid with her princess dress.
  • Tracy (29, fourth grade teacher) brings a note her students wrote for her which was really sweet.
  • Bo (25, plus-size model) is one of the first plus size women of the series, so that’s exciting.
  • Kimberly (28, yoga instructor)
  • Kara (25, high school soccer coach)
  • Jade (28, cosmetics developer) got a gasp from Chris when she stepped out which was an exciting reaction.

He seems genuinely stunned with how many women are there for him, it’s starting off on a good note for him. One of the girls has two children, another (Kaitlyn) pulls out the dance moves and he seems to really like her initially. The first steal of the night happens pretty early on and then everyone is freaking out about losing their chance to make a good first impression.

“Every person you meet is like an onion. You cut them, but when you cut them you peel them back. And what you do is you peel them back layer by layer.” Ashley S tries to give Brittany a rose and then in her journal finds what she thinks is an onion but turns out to be a pomegranate. She’s a bit crazy.

Tara drinks too much during the evening and starts swearing, hiccupping, and yelling. Britt gets the first impression rose after Chris talks about how much he felt for her when she walked out of the limo. They they jump into the first make out of the season, which is early for the show but not unprecedented.


Women Staying: Britt (first impression), Kaitlyn, Jade, Samantha, Ashley I, Tandra, Nikki, Kelsey, Megan, Alissa, Amber, Juelia, Becca, Trina. *after Chris returns* Mackenzie, Tracy, Tara, Jordan, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Ashley I.

Halfway through the ceremony, Tara is yawning, stomping her feet, and making a nuisance of herself. To create more drama, Chris leaves to discuss his problem with the host: he wants to choose Tara but she’s drunk. He ends up choosing her so there was no point for that scene at all. It’s a shame for some of the girls that weren’t drunk that both Tara and Ashley S made it through, but I guess this will be a season of shocking roses.

Although Kimberly didn’t get a rose, she goes back in during his speech to steal him away for a second. What a cliffhanger! I guess…

The preview gave away a bit too much of who will be there late in the season, but I guess that isn’t the point. Looks like Chris screws up and then fixes it, and someone gets hurt, which seems like most seasons of this show nowadays. Oh and girls are crying, that never happens…