Top Five: Girls of Bachelor Prince Farming

Chris Soules seems to be a good candidate for the Bachelor experience so far. He seems excited to have all these women to choose from and very grateful for the opportunity. Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn into another JuanP.

Of the girls Soules picked, there were some good ones and some crazy ones… So here is a list of our our favourite girls and crazy girls.

1. Britt (favourite); she’s made a good first impression on Chris, getting the first rose of the season and making out with him already, but that doesn’t mean she’ll end up with him in the end. Here’s to hoping she’ll stay for a while, because they both seem smitten!

2. Whitney (favourite); despite her annoying voice, she seems very genuine and enthusiastic about both the experience and Chris. I would love to see her continue through his process for a while longer.

3. Tara (crazy); drunk on the first night is normally a deal breaker, but Chris still kept her for the next week. Her “first impression” showed her as casual and fun, ready to live the country, farming lifestyle Chris has, and then her dress showed she could (sort of) fit in with the necessary cocktail parties. We’re calling her crazy because of how drunk she got, as that might turn into a weekly occurrence.

4. Ashley S (crazy); her discussion about onions and the blank stare she gave Chris during her first impression was certainly interesting, and it wouldn’t surprise us if she goes full crazy rambling during the next few weeks.

5. Kaitlyn (crazy); this isn’t to say she’s actually crazy. She’s brash, crude, and awkward. Her dirty jokes are over the top, like she’s seeking attention rather than a relationship. Chris seems to like her currently, but let’s hope she doesn’t embarrass Vancouver too much during this season.

Who are your top favourite and crazy girls of the season? Let us know in the comments or tweet @reviewsbylauren!