Oscars 2015 — Film Editing

Film editing is a post production process focused on how each shot in a film is cut together to create the scenes. This is important to create a cohesive final product and provide the pacing the script and director desires for the film. Furthermore, the actor’s performance can be dictated by the choice of shots used and how they are put together which can make or break a performance.

Every film to win Best Picture has been nominated in this category since 1981, with 16 of 33 winning both. Last year, Gravity won this award and 12 Years a Slave which was also nominated took home the Best Picture award. The ACE Eddie (American Cinema Editors) nominees include each of the films nominated in this category, but noticeably absent is Birdman which provided interesting cuts that made most of the film seem like one long shot. Of this year’s nominees, each is also in the Best Picture category. Boyhood blended the footage from different years together, but sometimes it came across as too jarring for my liking. The Imitation Game lacked the pulled together, tense pacing I hoped it would provide, instead feeling plodding and immobile in some parts. Whiplash uses the jazz musician styling to create jarring cuts that creates the necessary atmosphere for the film to thrive.

  1. Whiplash (Cross, first nomination)
  2. Boyhood (Adair, first nomination)
  3. American Sniper (Cox, 1 win 2 previous nominations; Roach, first nomination)
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Pilling, first nomination)
  5. The Imitation Game (Goldenberg, 1 win 4 previous nominations)

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