Oscars 2015 — Production Design

Production design encompasses everything that goes into the visual look of what is filmed. This includes set location, set design, and props.

Wes Anderson is known for his intricate and eccentric visuals, and The Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception. It’s a sure win for this category. The brilliant pops of colour are overwhelming, and help to make the hotel a character itself. Interstellar also provides some extravagant imagery throughout the film, however much of this was done through bleak, uninhabited nature shots and with visual effects in post production. Imitation Game had a relatively easy job recreating their sets from the museum in Bletchley Park that has done the research. Into the Woods has a better chance on costumes than production design.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Stockhausen, 2 nominations; Pinnock, 5 nominations)
  2. Interstellar (Crowley and Fettis, 3 nominations each)
  3. Into the Woods (Gassner, 1 win 5 nominations; Pinnock, 5 nominations)
  4. Mr. Turner (Davis and Watts, first nominations)
  5. Imitation Game (Djurkovic and MacDonald, first nominations)