The Bachelor goes All Natural

Chris Harrison shows up with news of a new twist in the dates for the week. There will be two group dates and a one on one, as usual, but instead of Chris Soules picking the girls it will be his three lovely sisters. Who aren’t there yet, but the first date card is.

Megan, Kaitlyn, Ashley S, Ashley I, Juelia, Samantha, Mackenzie, and Kelsey get to do “what feels natural.” Everyone immediately assumes that means no makeup which won’t work for most of the superficial girls that show up for this show. The get into two convertibles and drive to a beautiful lake. Another bikini date for Chris which he’ll obviously like. Ashley I is getting really shy with Chris because she likes him, so some of the girls decide to strip for some skinny dipping. Kelsey is upset because she’s too smart for this bimbo date and their nakedness. She’s from Michigan, she has better lakes than this “dirty pool” that they’ve been brought to. Then, she finds out they’ll be sleeping over there.

Kaitlyn is in her element on the camping date, I’m seriously warming up to her this week. She pulls him aside for serious conversations about what they like in relationships. He’s touchy-feely and Kaitlyn handles words better. Kelsey is pouting and unhappy about the date, and then turns into this perfect, happy girl while she’s around Chris. It’s such a fake, gross laugh, how does he like it? Ashley S starts singing drunk campfire songs, Mackenzie asks about aliens, and Chris tries to scare the girls for the full moon. Ashley I is making a big deal about her virginity again, but this time because she’s never been camping. Ugh, the bad make outs are just really awkward. He ends up giving the rose to Kaitlyn who seems like the most natural girl on this date.

After everyone goes to sleep, Ashley I goes on a manhunt to explain her innocence to Chris. After the alluded reveal, he says she seemed like a smart, well rounded girl when he met her. He seems like he’s picking his words really carefully, but Ashley isn’t spelling anything out and he doesn’t seem to realize that “innocent in every way” means virgin. Ah, sleepy Chris is cute.

While the first girls are on the group date, the rest of the girls meet his sisters. Carly seems dumbfounded that they’ve shown up, but at least she didn’t have as bad an impression as Jillian, who was asleep with her ass behind another privacy screen, groggily searched for a towel. Each of the girls seemed pretty confident, until they get to Carly who has a sad story about men being unkind to her. In the end, Jade got the one on one for a Cinderella-themed ball.

The day of the ball, Jade gets a makeover for the most luxurious date of the season. As she gets attended to by these fairy godmothers, Ashley I is griping about how she doesn’t get any of it. Admittedly, I would be pretty jealous about Jade getting to keep the jewels and shoes she tries on. The way Ashley I reacts to jealousy is ridiculous. I’ve never seen a girl dress up for a princess themed date that she’s not even attending. Ah the ABC Disney cross promotions are awful sometimes. Clearly everyone has been told to say the word fairytale a lot. To be honest, that movie looks really bad anyway. They’ve both had previous engagements, so they must be made for each other. She sounds like one of the most intelligent girls on this season, and they seem to have good chemistry and conversations throughout the date.

The last group date of the night has Nicki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt, and Becka getting dirty. They each get a big box with a wedding dress to wear for the date. Just like Kelsey was out of her element in the nature date, Jillian is out of her element in girly, fancy dress. Instead of the romantic date they were all hoping for, they end up at a Muck Fest: a mud and obstacle run. Jillian quickly pushes to the front to win and spend the evening with Chris, but he hangs back to help Becka through the race as she’s the last to finish. What a sweet guy. She has no five year goal which gets her rambling and Chris seems really uninvolved in the conversation. His journal entry is the most comical aspect of the entire episode, she just kept talking and talking and he couldn’t even say anything good about her. “Would you rather have sex with a homeless girl and you don’t know what she has, or no sex for four or five years?” She thinks its going well, but he doesn’t give her the rose. She tries to respond and convince him otherwise because this night is stressful, but it doesn’t work for her.

Everybody is nervous for the cocktail party and rose ceremony this episode since Chris showed how serious he is by sending Jillian home. Megan realizes she needs to step it up a notch by blindfolding Chris and bringing hime fruit and chocolate. Britt starts questioning Chris about his rose choices, judging his integrity. After saying he’s glad they had that conversation, he dramatically leaves and tells all the girls they can leave if they think he’s there for the wrong reasons. Certainly not the way to win a rose.

Ashley I realizes Chris didn’t get that she’s a virgin, so she grabs him for some one on one time to explain that her virginity makes her wife material. She definitely made him awkward, but they seemed to end things well. It’s sweet that she’s overanalyzing but she needs to stop crying. Even Mackenzie, who has been excited about Ashley I’s virginity since the start, is over Ashley’s drama already. Suddenly, all the girls find out and Becca reveals she’s also a virgin. Becca certainly seems a lot more calm about her virginity, which Chris would probably appreciate more.

Girls Staying:

Kaitlyn (group), Jade (1on1), Whitney, Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Ashley I, Britt.