Oscars 2015 – Foreign Language Film

All AMPAS members (6500 people) can vote for the winner of the category this year, but it’s a largely overlooked category on the night. The best chances to win are Leviathan and Ida, but with the complexities and richness of the Leviathan plot we think that will have the better chance at coming out the winner.

  1. Leviathan (Russia). A man’s life falls apart as a corrupt mayor wants to demolish his house. It’s intricate and engaging with beautiful locations and powerful, poignant performances.
  2. Ida (Polish). A woman training to be a nun in 1960s Poland discovers her family’s history in WWII. Beautiful black and white cinematography and deep performances.
  3. Timbuktu (Mauritania). The rise of an Islamic extremist group, following two people who tend cattle. Well received at Cannes Film Festival last year, and the director Sissako is Africa’s leading filmmaker.
  4. Wild Tales (Argentina). A series of short anecdotes depicting modern city life. Anthologies aren’t as popular in America so it may be difficult to find traction with the Oscars voters, but the themes might be recognizable.
  5. Tangerines (Estonia). An ethnic Estonian in Georgia finds himself in the middle of a war between Georgia and Chechen fighters. Then, he looks after wounded soldiers from either side. The plot is easily recognizable as it’s clear the two wounded soldiers will come to terms with each other and learn they’re not as different as they expect.