The Bachelor Gets Rustic in the Badlands

Picking up where we left off: the rose ceremony and Kelsey’s fake panic attack. All the girls are done with Kelsey, she is acting so fake and it must be embarrassing to watch this over, but it is working for her at the moment. Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, Becca, Ashley, and Kelsey.

After watching Chris and the girls pack and get ready for their move to South Dakota, anything can happen. Like Chris sleeping on a private plane, or the girls being flown to SD in coach. How nice that they all get such luxurious travel. The sepia tone looks good on Chris, can we have an entire episode like that?

Becca gets the one on one. The producers definitely wanted to piss of Kelsey more. While Becca goes horseback riding with Chris, the girls gang up on Kelsey allowing her to play the victim. The tears were a nice touch, but no one seems to be buying it. It’s nice to hear her talk about how intelligent she is for using big words though. Back to Becca and Chris’ date, they’re laughing and talking about having way too many children. She’s a virgin, and thinks it’s awkward to kiss him in front of America, but when she gets the rose it happens. Finally.

Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly, and Megan all make it onto the group date. Tonight, the girls each get to prove their songstress abilities as they perform in front of each other. Jade is terribly nervous but manages to get a supportive crowd, Kaitlyn performs a rap, and Carly serenades Chris with a beautiful song. Britt and Chris make it awkward during the first half of the date as they cuddle up and kiss in front of most of the other girls. Later on, Chris pulls her away to a Big & Rich concert while the other girls are unsure where he went. While at the concert, she gets the rose and when they come back to the group after an hour later, all the other girls are silent towards him. All the girls go their separate ways in tears at the end

The last date of the episode is always the most dramatic, and this is no different. Kelsey and Ashley are on a two on one with Chris in the Badlands. While they’re on the helicopter heading over, Kelsey is engaged with viewing the sights while Ashley makes her classic annoyed faces. “Literally. Today… With this. I just… Can’t. Even.” Ashley has a way with words, doesn’t she? She manages to get it together enough to tell Chris about Kelsey’s problems in the house, but when he brings it up with Kelsey later she manages to turn it around to whether or not he sees her as wife material. It’s a nice play by Kelsey, but not the final decisive moment of the date. He brings it back to her having problems with the girls in the house, and this time she’s at a loss for words.

When Kelsey gets back to the bed in the middle of the Badlands to sit beside Ashley, there are daggers coming from her stare. Ashley goes off to confront Chris and is sent home due to her immaturity. When he goes off to tell Kelsey about that, he explains that she’s going home as well. Thankfully he realized how fake she was. How could you not, though? She pretended to be sad that Ashley had been sent home. I like that he just leaves both girls in the Badlands while he takes the helicopter. Maybe Kelsey will realize how crazy she sounds while watching this over.

Girls Staying: Becca (1on1), Britt (group), the rest is to be continued… again.