Oscars 2015 — Documentary Feature Film

As Snowden has been of intense interest and scrutiny in the past two years, it will be no surprise to see CitizenFour win the statue. However, Virunga is an interesting second choice due to the focus on both political and environmental issues through the lives of a few brave individuals.

  1. CitizenFour looks into the life of Edward Snowden, the man who leaked information about the NSA.
  2. Virunga is a Netflix production following the brave men and women trying to save mountain gorillas while the civil war continues in the Congo region.
  3. Finding Vivian Meier seeks to learn more about the deceased nanny who was one of the most prolific street photographers.
  4. Last Days in Vietnam looks at the decision American soldiers and diplomats made in the last weeks of the conflict: follow White House orders to only save Americans, or evacuate as many South Vietnamese as possible.
  5. The Salt of the Earth follows another photographer, Salgado, who has witnessed some of the most devastating and uplifting moments of the recent past.