Oscars 2015 — Animated Short Film

Animated shorts allow for engaging, unique storylines and inventive forms of animation. When there is a Disney submission in this category it’s hard to assume anything else will come out on top, but The Dam Keeper probably has the best shot.

Trailers for each are linked below.

  1. Feast is Disney’s ‘love story through different eyes’ addition to the nominees. These are usually successful (remember Paperman from a few years ago?), and this is pretty cute. A man’s love life is shown through the eyes of his dog (and best friend) and his appetite. This is sweet and heartwarming, and has a good chance at the statue.
  2. The Dam Keeper follows a pig that protects the town by keeping the dam operating properly. This is a cute story as Pig meets a new classmate and continues to operate the dam. At times, the animation feels like a watercolour painting, creating beautiful and soft visuals.
  3. The Bigger Picture tells the story of caring for an elderly relative. The animation style is wildly innovative with a cacophony of visuals and sounds that entertain the viewer in a short eight minutes. This used two metre high painted characters in full size sets to create the effect.
  4. Me and My Moulton is a commentary on the art house from a childlike perspective, while still being part of the art house itself. A girl wants a bike from her parents but receives something different, this short shows the perspective differences between adults and children. It feels like it’s made by a child unlike most animated that is for children, but made by adults.
  5. A Single Life. A girl discovers how to travel through her life by playing a mysterious record. It is joyful, colourful, and exuberant, wholeheartedly interesting in the concept and achieves it’s goal.