Prince Farming Tells All (part one of the week)

Kelsey and Chris Harrison sit down for a “heart to heart” where she pretends to be less crazy than she really is. It didn’t work. She tries to come across as really innocent but the calculated facade she put on during the whole show was as present as ever before. The editing for that scene should have won an award. They perfectly showed just how ridiculous Kelsey’s lies were as she says the exact opposite of her scenes from the previous weeks.

Next, Chris and Chris sit down for a discussion on how much Prince Farming doesn’t know about women. Like how telling Kelsey that Ashley ratted her out results in a catfight. Then again, crazy Ashley was a surprise to even the producers. I guess a reasonably normal audition tape makes it hard to tell whether someone will end up being a spaced out crazy. Jillian’s short shorts were a big deal for Chris keeping her around, until the one on one that showed her to be a bit rude and undignified. When the conversation turns to Britt, it gets a bit awkward as she’s still on the show but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be lasting for too much longer. They’re relationship seems too focused on physical intimacy rather than anything else, but Chris wasn’t able to do much more than talk about their kisses.

Lastly in the Chris Tells All period, the unfortunate news of Bachelor Nation: Andi Dorfmann’s failed relationship with Josh Murray. Before the conversation even starts, Andi is crying. She can barely get out any words initially, and then they get to the big deal moments. She is still in love with Josh, they are not still talking, they were both too strong willed to be successful, and neither of them fought hard enough for each other. At least she’s mastered the waterworks and found a good makeup brand.