Britt Falls Apart on the Bachelor (part two of the week)

The rose ceremony from last week comes with a big surprise. Chris and Megan sit down for a conversation before the rose ceremony and they say their goodbyes earlier than expected. And then, Harrison announced another girl will be going home as well. Surprise! In the end, Chris decides to keep everyone else there for the next round of dates as he has strong feelings for them all. Good news, all my favourites stay for another week. Bad news, he can’t decide between six girls.

Girls Staying: Becca (1on1), Britt (group), Whitney, Carly, Kaitlyn, and Jade.

All the girls take a trip to his small town of Arlington, Iowa. They stay in a Des Moines hotel instead of in Arlington so they don’t initially experience the small town at its smallest. As Chris talks to his cows, Jade gets the first one on one of the week, and the first to get two of the season. As she drives in it seems she’s playing I Spy with herself by pointing out the different types of grass and roads that she sees. Looks like an exciting place. When she arrives, he gives her the tour of his property which is quiet expansive. I don’t know why he suggests naming a cow Jade, that doesn’t exactly sound like a compliment. Jade is starting to realize just how small Arlington is, and just how much she won’t be able to do if she was Chris’ wife. It’s a dramatic change for all of the girls, so Jade certainly wouldn’t be the only shocked girl on the show. In the evening, the go to a football game at his old high school where she gets the chance to interact with a lot of the community and quickly meet his parents.

Whitney gets the second one on one of the week, spending it with Chris in Des Moines. They go to a photography exhibit capturing love, and then they get to take there own photos around the city. After cute kissing photos around the city, they end up at a bar in the evening where she meets three of Chris’ best friends. After Chris’ friends head off, Whitney pulls him aside for serious talk about her family. It’s a big deal for this show that she hasn’t brought it up before, to Chris or anyone in the house. It’s refreshing. After their chat, he brings her outside to see one of their earlier photographs had been painted on the wall like a mural. These are the sort of dates that I like on this show, where they seem genuinely happy.

Britt has been adding to the drama this whole episode because she doesn’t get her perfect dates as she wants. Along with Kaitlyn, Carly, and Becca, Britt goes on an unannounced road trip to Arlington, to check out what they might be getting themselves into. Carly is the only one that seems remotely interested in living there, all because she sees a picture of Jesus on the wall of a church.

Britt, Kaitlin, and Carly end up on the group date with Chris at an ice rink. I love that they’re on a date where he isn’t good at the activity and keeps falling over and the girls can make fun of him for it. Britt reveals to Chris that the girls all went on a road trip and that she loved it, which Carly absolutely hates. Poor Chris, she’s saying exactly what he wants to hear and it’s the opposite of how she feels. Carly’s chat with Chris reveals Britt’s deceit but his later discussion with Britt initially calms his nerves. Kaitlyn’s time with Chris focuses on their serious relationship rather than the joking around, and it ends in the group date rose. Go Vancouver!

When Kaitlyn and Chris come back to the rest of the girls, Britt is upset and interrupts Chris’ speech to tell him she wants to be her husband’s first choice. Making him justify why he chose someone else is not the way to his heart, but he seems to be reacting appropriately: questioning whether she should even be here anymore.

Girls Staying: Kaitlyn (group).