Prince Farming Explores Hometowns (part 3 of the week)

After the group date last night, Chris is confused by Britt’s reaction. However, he’s on his low key one on one with Becca. He brings her to the lost he’s staying in during this journey. Building on their last date, Becca reveals that she’s never been in love before. I guess that would throw off some people, but he seems pretty excited for the opportunity to foster that new love.

While Becca is on her date, the other girls are discussing Britt’s reaction to the group date rose. She seems to think she’s the centre of this show and all the other girls are just there to facilitate the filming process. Britt tells the girls she’s planning on going home before the cocktail party, that nothing Chris can say will change her mind, but that she wants to talk to him before she leaves. I hardly doubt a man with multiple relationships will be chasing after her like she wants. As the rose ceremony draws nearer and the cocktail party is canceled, Britt freaks out and pulls Chris aside during his speech to apologize while also asking what he has to say to her. Instead of getting the apology and reaffirmation that she clearly was hoping for, he breaks up with her. These past two weeks of sending girls home has shown he’s a pretty smart farmer.

Girls Staying: Kaitlyn (group), Whitney, Becca, and Jade

Becca’s Louisiana hometown date is first up for the episode. He’s the first man ever to meet her family, and this is the first time she’s had feelings like this. With the classic flowers and alcohol gift, he arrives to a big family gathering. Parents, grandparents, sisters, significant others… It’s pretty intimidating. From Becca’s sister, we learn that she isn’t intimate with men. Her mother is concerned about this being her first serious relationship. When Becca and her sister chat about her virginity, they make light of the situation more than anything else. Unlike the normal end to a hometown date, Chris takes her to the state fair for a ride on the ferris wheel.

Next up is Chicago and Whitney’s hometown with her unconventional family. This is the crazy hometown as she brings him to her job and shows him how she makes babies. For a living. It’s certainly an interesting experience, and not as weird as some of them… She is incredibly passionate about the job, and then she plays a joke on him by leading him into the room where the men provide their ‘samples.’ That Chris asked Whitney who to ask for her hand is incredibly moving. Whitney’s sister is doubtful that the small city is too dramatic and the relationship is moving too quickly. Although the sister doesn’t give him the approval he was hoping for, Whitney and Chris sit down afterwards for a bottle of wine she promised she wouldn’t open unless she was with her future husband. She’s the first

Kaitlyn brings Chris to Arizona to her family’s winter home for a recording studio rap date. They’re goofy and serious all at the same time, which is really cute. Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to be moving as fast some of the other girls (Whitney), but she’s going smoothly. After their date, they go up to a billboard that broadcasts Kaitlyn <3 Chris which is so absolutely cute.

Jade’s date is last, and they end up in Nebraska for the most tumultuous weather as a dark cloud hangs over her because of Playboy. Apparently she didn’t have time before he met her family to reveal her nude modelling, which makes the entire hometown really awkward. Chris keeps talking about her small town values which is ironic since the family keeps hinting that there’s more to her then he knows. He says he’s falling in love with her which is a big deal for this show, but will that last? He initially seems to take it pretty well. Quietly, but well. It’s an awkward moment as they look at the photos and video, but he seems to get past it after the initial uncomfortable viewing. I’m happy he says that he won’t be judging her based on that.

Girls Staying: Whitney, Kaitlyn, Becca.

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