Oscars 2015 — Reactions and Review

Find a full winners list here.

Neil Patrick Harris provides the elaborate opening ceremony we all expected from him. The Moving Pictures song was great, and the animated background projected behind NPH was really cool. The choreography tonight is pretty good. Jack Black made a great addition to the intro musical that added a darkness and rock to the show which was wholly unexpected. NPH was frequently present and cracking small jokes during the show to keep everyone interested. Although not as good as Ellen, he was an enjoyable host at the start. Later through the telecast, NPH kept bringing it back to the same one joke. Unfortunately it wasn’t like the pizza gag that Ellen delivered, but a box of Oscars predictions.

The Grand Budapest Hotel picked up all of the major production categories. Patricia Arquette used her platform of winning the supporting actress award to rally for equal rights for women. After the performance and then win for Glory, John Legend and Common’s song for Selma, there were multiple standing ovations and a call for racial equality. Lady Gaga performed a compilation of songs from The Sound of Music. She has an absolutely stunning voice for the performance and completely rocks it before Julie Andrews shows up to hand out an award. The Imitation Gamewins for best Adapted Screenplay, and we get another moment of activism. Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech for Best Actor was sweet, emotional, and funny. The biggest upset is Boyhood’s loss in almost all categories, losing out to Birdman in both Director and Picture.

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