Prince Farming Bares All in Bali

Chris meets up with Kaitlyn for the first date of the week after telling us how beautiful and cultured Bali is. They enter a temple and start carrying baskets on their heads before experiencing some local spirituality. Monkeys start climbing all over Chris and . Kaitlyn’s normal hair reaction to the Bali climate is really refreshing. It’s so much more realistic than Becca’s hair. In the evening, Kaitlyn talks about how hard it is for her to open up, but she’s able to tell Chris that she’s falling in love with him during the overnight date. Just as he usually breaks the rules, he tells her he’s falling in love with her as well.

Whitney’s date with Chris shows her with minimal makeup (but too much fake tan) on a boat. They pop champagne, enjoy some fruit, and have a small crash into the dock before they head on their way.

Chris takes a very pragmatic look at Arlington while he’s explaining the lack of job or entertainment opportunities in his town. Their discussion of Whitney giving up her career to live with him and have lots of babies is cute, and seems very honest, but I’m not sure if she realizes what she’ll be getting herself into. He says he’s falling in love with Whitney, and that he can see himself proposing. They seem to have the strongest connection of the three women still present.

Becca and Chris tour some farmlands and check out another temple, this time to ask someone questions about their future. He tells them exactly what they want to hear: they’re meant to be together, they’ll be good parents, and (unfortunately for Becca) the way to make the overnight date fun is making love. She seems really grounded, and a good person for Chris but I don’t know if he’s feeling as seriously about her. She always seems to be quite an intelligent girl, for this show. At dinner, they talk about how she thinks she’s falling in love with Chris as he expresses similar-ish feelings. When the fantasy suite card arrives, Becca starts getting nervous to tell him of her virginity. I don’t know why she decides to wait on the conversation until they’re actually in the suite, but that’s her choice. I guess it adds to the drama and awkwardness, since a bed is right behind them. Once Chris finds out, he tries his best not to react immediately, but it certainly feels uncomfortable until he finds his words. It says a lot about her character, he’s happy she shared with him, and he respects her. In her journal entry she kind of alludes to the possibility that she will lose it with him in that room since she’s falling for him.

If it says a lot about who someone is waiting until marriage, then what does that say about everyone who does have sex beforehand? Does that mean we’re trashy?

After all of Chris’ dates, he is incredibly confused. He and Becca had a big conversation about their potential life together, and it left him uncertain. She’s the only one who hasn’t said she’d be happy to move to Arlington, so what will he ever do? Oh the man tears. He brings Chris Harrison in for the “tough decisions” conversation we’ve all been waiting for. ChrisSquared is always an enjoyable moment on the show, can we swap this and find out who Harrison wants? The host needs to be happy in his relationship. They cover Chris’ relationship with each of the three women and he has concerns with each of them. Becca isn’t super into moving to Arlington, he doesn’t immediately feel in love with Whitney yet, and Kaitlyn may be holding back still.

Tonight’s rose ceremony is in a temple where they cannot show affection over holding hands. Everyone is in the traditional garb and it’s quite beautiful. Before he hands out any of the roses, he pulls Becca aside for one last quick conversation since their last, mysterious conversation. She covers a lot of big topics about Arlington, how strongly she feels for him, and the problems they came up against overnight. Becca comes back to the rose ceremony lineup with Kaitlyn and Whitney which stresses out the other two girls.

Girls Staying: Whitney and Becca.

He doesn’t seem to have a clear reason for breaking up with Kaitlyn over any of the other girls. In fact, he seems to be concerned he’s making a big mistake. She takes it really well, quietly listening and trying to keep herself composed. While driving away, she has one of the most put together reactions to getting dumped. Never once does she start whining like so many of the girls on here do.

#TeamKaitlyn for Bachelorette.