Prince Farming Picks Whitney & Harrison Reveals the Worst Bachelorette Twist Ever

Chris Harrison continues to talk up the show to its most dramatic finale yet. He has too casual of a suit for such a “dramatic” evening.

Instead of travelling to another beautiful locale, Chris is bringing both of the remaining girls (Whitney and Becca) to his hometown for the family meetings.

Whitney is up first and she is able to win over everyone in a matter of moments. She chats with the kids, makes a speech at lunch about how much she loves Chris, and is smitten with both Chris’ sisters and his mother. Becca’s meeting is a bit different. She’s trying to come out of her shell but he appears a little uncomfortable on the couch. She keeps everyone laughing at lunch by talking about the “downtown” area. While talking to his sisters, Becca admits that initially it’ll be long distance because she isn’t sure about her love for him. His mother gets her thinking about love and relationships, but it overwhelms her. Long distance from Arlington would be a difficult proposition, and she isn’t ready for a proposal just yet. Unfortunate as he’s proposing to someone the next day.

Chris finds it difficult to explain to his sisters what it is he loves about Becca. That’s not a good sign, especially as his family certainly seems to like Whitney better. He’s so defensive. His sisters convince Chris to go for the tough questions.

He shows up at Becca’s hotel for their final evening before the rose ceremony. He admits that he’s struggling that she isn’t in love with him yet, and she says that she doesn’t know when she’ll ever be ready to pick up her life. He asks her why she doesn’t feel like she’s in love with him. It seems like a breakup conversation more than anything, especially as the problems they have are Arlington. Basically what Becca is dealing with is doubt. After that conversation, Chris is emotional like he already knows he’s going to break up with her.

Whitney’s last date with Chris is harvesting. In the dead of winter. Is that really when you harvest corn? Afterwards, he brings her to his house to sit by the fire and chat about how happy they are with each other. They head back to her hotel after to get into the serious talk about why she is so certain about him. It’s the first time where Chris isn’t able to fully communicate how he feels.

Chris gets overwhelmed by the ring choice, let alone picking a girl. This doesn’t bode well. It’s a shame that the girls all have to walk up so many stairs in this barn to get rejected or proposed to. It’s not really worth it. As Becca comes out of the limo first, it seems like the choice has been made to propose to Whitney. As she ascends the stairs, his journal entry seems

The music builds, and he gives a wonderful speech… but he breaks up with her because she isn’t ready. After letting her down easy, she seems to be completely composed and accepting of the break up before he even does anything. It’s strange that she needs to console him more than he consoles her. Becca is dry-eyed in the limo as Chris cries for the two of them. When Whitney shows up, she starts the romantic speech before he can get any words out. It’s really sweet. Their engagement is one of the most genuine for the show. She is shaking, he looks really nervous and excited, they seem happy.

In the After the Final Rose, Chris comes out first to clarify that he probably wasn’t in love with Becca, but he certainly is in love with Whitney. Good backtracking. When Whitney was out there they seemed happily in love, albeit a little frazzled. I’m surprised she was able to hold off on watching the show all season, but it’s probably good she didn’t see just how torn Chris was between her and Becca.

Of course, they had to bring out Jimmy Kimmel for one last gag. To be honest, he’s growing on me. Especially with the gift of a cow named Juan Pablo. Harrison’s “it’s okay” was pretty amazing as well. Unfortunately, the dramatic twist of the season actually had nothing do to with The Bachelor.It’s all about who the next bachelorette is. Drumroll please… There’s two of them! Instead of keeping it normal with man-tears and potential fist fights, the producers decided we needed the extra cattiness with both Kaitlyn AND Britt as the Bachelorette! How will this work? Apparently the men get to decide who they think is better “wife material” (Kaitlyn obviously) as the girls make their first impression picks. To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense yet. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out as disastrous as it sounds!

We’ll see you at Bachelor in Paradise! It seems Ashley S is a confirmed contestant (ugh!), so I guess we’ll have more racoon chats… but with pineapples.