Random Netflix TV Night: Scrotal Recall — Season One

If I’m honest, the title certainly gave me pause as to whether I really wanted to try out this show. It seems crass, or at least raunchy, but it ended up being a sweet, British comedy with a lot of heart. If you like the boy-meets-girl setup, then this is certainly a unique one I would recommend.

The main character Dylan (Johnny Flynn) has trouble with the ladies, as we see through flashbacks with new woman each episode. The reason for these flashbacks is his newly discovered chlamydia, but the biggest problem in his life is the relationship he has with best friend Evie (Antonia Thomas). His other friend, Luke (Daniel Ings) is there for the easy humour and to push Dylan in the direction of different women. Many don’t work out, but others do in their own strange ways.

It’s set up through flashbacks, so if you require your shows in chronological order this won’t be for you. However, I found it very enjoyable to watch with this flow because too many rom-coms are a chronological plod through the usual ups and downs of a relationship.

The sexual confusion and awkwardness is presented in a wholly British way, that I’ve found difficult for American shows to really pull off successfully. The awkward either gets lost in the inherent sexiness of American stars, or it turns into slapstick, uncomfortable awkward. It’s something truly wonderful about British comedy shows that is hard to express.

The humour is unassuming and generally pretty dry. Although normally not laugh out loud funny, there were scenes in each episode that stuck with me. If British comedy isn’t for you, then don’t try this show. But if you find yourself enjoying sarcastic and witty humour then put this on your Netflix list.

As a Netflix Original, it’s available in all Netflix-accessible countries. Unfortunately, there’s only six episodes of this show available and it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. But that means you can watch it in about the time it would take to see a movie, not bad! It’s sure to get picked up for a second season, with the Netflix connections, so check out this season and come back soon for more!

As for ratings, I would give this an 8/10