Quick Chat: Betty Who Interview

Betty Who has been busy. After releasing her second EP in April and her first full length album in October of this year, she’s been on two tours across North America, and will soon be heading back to her original home of Australia as the opening act for Katy Perry’s Prism tour.

How’s your tour going?
It’s been pretty awesome, we’ve had a really fun run. It’s been very hectic, a bit of a whirlwind, but that’s the best part.

What’s been your favourite moment so far?
We had a great show in Portland last night, that’s definitely a highlight. I think the Minneapolis show that we had is probably one of my favourites of the whole tour. Such good vibes and a totally packed show which makes you feel really good.

Do you prefer smaller or larger venues?
It depends how full the venue is. I think it’s tough if you play a larger venue and a lot of people don’t show up. If you’re in a smaller venue it still makes you feel really good. They’re different ways of touring.

What are you looking forward to most, upcoming with the tour?
I think the last show of the tour is Los Angeles, which I’m getting very excited about. Also, we’re playing The Filmore in San Francisco in a couple days which is iconic, so those two shows will certainly be a lot of fun. I mean we’re almost done, I can hardly believe it. It feels like I’ve only just started. Then we take a flight basically the day after touring to Australia to open for Katy Perry for a bunch. Not a lot of rest!