The Bachelorette 11 Starts Dating the 18 Men

So after three hours of Bachelorette last week, we have our girl Kaitlyn and the men she’ll choose between, so let’s get right into it!

Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H, and Ben Z all make it onto the first group date. They get together for some boxing with Laila Ali (undefeated champion) and it’s very underwhelming. Some of these guys are aggressive in finding time to talk with Kaitlyn, but few seem to have any aggression in the ring. Kupah is so caught up with the boxing that he never even talks with Kaitlyn.  When the guys actually get into the ring to fight each other, . Some of these pairings are terribly unfair, Daniel had no chance against Ben Z. Shockingly Kupah is knocked out pretty early, and we’re onto the final fight. Ben Z comes out strong, and it’s nerve-wracking seeing this small Jared in the same ring.

During the evening part of the date, Ben Z opens up about his connection with food and the holidays. Aww, the hunk of meat is opening up about family life and the loss of his mother. In the end, that’s the conversation that wins Kaitlyn over and he gets the rose and a kiss. Suddenly, Kaitlyn gets a note form one of the men and leaves her chat with Daniel as Jared shows up for a couple minutes to kiss her and prove that he’s interested in her.

Back at the mansion, JJ is overly confident for getting the 1on1, but Clint gets it instead. Ugh. For the weird date of the week, there’s an underwater photo shoot. Kaitlyn may think they have chemistry, but it was such a boring date I didn’t pay attention. He got a rose, but that’s about it for excitement there.

JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, and Tony make it on the second group date. Amy Schumer is here to help Kaitlyn move through the process, and she’s a great addition as the sassy voice of the audience. “Sometimes I feel like I’m smarter than 95% of the audience” …I’m glad Amy tried to knock JJ back a few pegs after that comment, but he didn’t seem to notice. Most of the guys had a couple funny jokes, but then Tony gets up there and starts talking about life and relationships and doesn’t get any jokes in. He’s way too serious for Kaitlyn.

Tony is painful to listen to after the standup show, talking about combination locks and how he’s switched from Britt to Kaitlyn. Hopefully she sees through his mess of a healer-vibe. JJ opens up about his daughter and gets the rose, while Joshua let’s Kaitlyn know he’s never been in love before. Let’s pop that love-cherry this season, and keep that sweetie here for a while! The last interesting guy was Joe who pulled her outside for a quick kiss and some Southern charm.

Cocktail parties are always ripe with disaster and this week is no different. Kaitlyn is in a sexy, sparkly dress and captures all the attention immediately. Just as she arrives, JJ pulls her aside despite already having a rose while three other guys haven’t seen her yet. He is trying to be the season villain through his aggressive tactics, but most guys are able to acknowledge the manipulation. Tony has turned from healing to raging, and Kupah starts getting overwhelmed. Kupah thinks he might be a token rose because he’s a minority, since he doesn’t think he has a connection. Unfortunately, he takes the wrong tack in talking with Kaitlyn and is sent home before the rose ceremony.

After his drama, we didn’t get a chance for the rose ceremony, but here’s who has a rose so far. Men with Roses: Ben Z (group), Clint (1on1), JJ (group).


Oh, and the Britt/Brady relationship is still going strong, if you care about that.

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