Bear Grylls’ The Island comes to NBC with an All Male Group

Fourteen men are dropped on an island and told to survive on their own. Although Bear Grylls ‘hosts’ the show, he and his crew doesn’t interact with the men during their month-long stint on the island unless a medical trauma team is needed to evacuate someone.

Of the fourteen men, some seem better equipped than others  to handle their time on the island. There are a couple engineers, along with a fireman, army vet, and surgeon who all seem comfortable in this environment from the start. On the other hand, there’s a lawyer Jud who makes an initial comment about Google being his survival tool, but he ends up an adaptable resource I expect will help the group survive.

The man who stands out the most is Taylor. Through the editing of footage he was constantly getting on people’s nerves, doing his own thing without consulting the group, and stressing out over water usage. Everybody else was comfortable having meetings and discussing the steps they needed to take to make survival possible, but Taylor was off and running with each of his ideas. Yes, he found the beach, but that is not the only thing they needed. In fact, water is the most important and they were unable to acquire that resource before he had to be medically evacuated. It’s good there was a doctor and fireman on the show able to understand Taylor needed emergency help, but I am glad he’s gone.

Will I watch again? I don’t know. It certainly wasn’t engaging enough to make sure I watch live every week, but the season preview looks like it’ll get better so I’ll probably tune in again.