The Bachelorette Gets in the Middle of a Bromance

Last week, Kupah was getting aggressive as Kaitlyn kicked him off the show early while Ben Z, Clint, and JJ had roses from their dates. It’s such a ridiculous stunt created by the producers. Kupah is trying to get a bit of extra screen time and there is no reason for Kaitlyn to talk to him about it. He starts going off about chlamydia and ugly girls… It’s just pathetic.

The rose ceremony that was supposed to be last week kept Ben Z (group), Clint (1on1), and JJ (group), and added Jared, Ben H, Shawn B, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris, Brian, Justin,  Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey, and Tony.

After seeing Kaitlyn’s emotions on the second elimination, it’s going to be a crazy season. All the guys are woken up by sumo wrestlers who pick Clint, Chris, Tony, JJ, Joe, and Shawn to fight in the traditional garb. Joe was putting on a show, but I liked that he owned it instead of getting embarrassed. Peace-loving Tony expected to win in the sumo battle and then got frustrated and moody, ruining the group date. He says he views the world through the eyes of a child, he has the heart of a warrior, and he has the mind of a gypsy. Unfortunately, that’s not what Kaitlyn is getting from him and he doesn’t participate in the rest of the date. Unsurprising, he leaves the house after coming up with a great zoo animal-imitation date idea.

In the afternoon, the guys put on an exhibition sumo competition. Joe understands the true point of the date, in showing Kaitlyn that he can have fun. Clint’s plan for the evening is to wait for her to come to him. It definitely ups the awkward, but allows Shawn to get the group rose.

Chris Harrison plans a date for Kaitlyn and Ben Z in a panic escape room. Kaitlyn is scared of birds, Ben is scared of snakes… what a surprise that both of those things are in the panic room! Later, he opens up about his mum dying and how he’s never cried since then. Kaitlyn is so into those emotional stories, but I guess he is a hunk of attractive man meat.

Jonathan, Jared, Tanner, Corey, Ben H, and Ian head over to an elementary school for sex education. These young kids are all child actors, so it’s not AS bad… despite the fact that it actually is, because they’re still kids. Asking inappropriate questions. I guess they don’t know the questions are inappropriate, but it’s still not that great. Ben H is able to win Kaitlyn over with his heartfelt explanation of reproduction, whereas Joshua got embarrassed by talking about female puberty and periods. Ahhh, I’m revelling in his momentary awkwardness.

The bromance with Clint and JJ is building. I can’t help but wonder whether JJ feels the same way or if Clint is misreading the situation. It’s probably the latter but we won’t find out until next week. Kaitlyn hears about the problematic friendship, and pulls Clint aside just before the end of the episode.

Men Staying: Shawn (group), Ben Z (1on1), Ben H (group), but then we cut the as we need a cliff hanger.

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