Belfry Opens 40th Anniversary Season with a Boom!


The Belfry recently wrapped their first production of the 2015-16 season and what a spectacle it was!

It was a nostalgic experience, even for those not from the baby boomer generation. I was impressed with the array of references and songs chosen that didn’t alienate anybody from the play. If his aim is to bring the experiences of the baby boomer generation to young Canadians, then he certainly succeeded. There were many multi-generational groups in attendance, and many young adults and students came out for the performance.

If this is any indication of the Belfry’s 40th anniversary season, then we’re in for a real treat. Next up will be Speed the Plow, an uproarious comedy satirizing Hollywood and the male psyche. Premiering on September 15th,  it is directed by the Belfry’s own Michael Shamata and starring Vincent Gale, Brian Markinson, and Celine Stubel.


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