osimous theatre presents VINCENT RIVER September 9-20 at Little Mountain Gallery


osimous theatre, formed in 2010 by a group of artists that shared a passion for theatre and a drive to create  more honest, real, and vulnerable experiences for audiences to enjoy, are presenting Vincent River at Little Mountain Gallery September 9 through 20.

“Harsh and joltingly funny” (Ben Brantley—New York Times), Vincent River follows a bereaved mother and the tormented young man who crashes into her life. In the aftermath of a hate crime, Anita and Davey search for the answer to the simplest and most impossible of questions: Why? Gripping, brutal and darkly hilarious, Vincent River explores the classic themes of the power of narrative, loss, the repression of sexual identity, bigotry and prejudice and the family as a destructive force with fierce honesty.

Director (and osimous Artistic Director) Bob Frazer, Lighting Designer John Webber, Set Designer Jessica Oostergo and Costume Designer Connie Hosie lead the creative team. Six actors will rotate performances having never met or rehearsed together before providing a unique and original theatrical experience each evening.


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