RNMN: Documentary Hot Girls Wanted is Insightful and Sympathetic

Hot Girls Wanted follows a group of young women enticed into the world of amateur pornography from Craigslist ads.

I was really impressed with how the director chose to present the piece. Rather than glorifying the industry or despising the women, there was an open attitude that allowed the women to process their own emotions about their lifestyle and come to their own conclusions. The bias is clearly towards those that leave the industry or realize the problems within it, but it never actively pushes the women in any direction.

Despite the subject matter, the documentary is not overly graphic. We barely see any nudity, and although the porn shoots are described we never see them. The focus on the women, their reasons for entering the industry, and relationships with those around them was very interesting to see from their own perspective. Although occasionally hearing the perspective of the male leader was useful as a foil, I was happy to see that Riley did not appear too overbearing, causing the women to change their reactions to suit him.

I saw Love Me recently (also on Netflix), about ‘mail order brides,’ and that film focused almost entirely on the men. It was an unnecessarily biased production, which I felt missed the opportunity to really investigate those creating the sites, or the girls who get involved on the other end.

If you want to know more about the porn industry (and the realities of it) then definitely give this a watch, as it was insightful without judging those who got involved. 8/10