ReelScary Ranks Scary Movies, The Right Way

Let’s be honest, most scary movies don’t rank very high on rating sites like RottenTomatoes. They aren’t critically acclaimed, but when you want to get scared that’s not what you’re looking for. It makes it difficult to figure out what movie to choose on Netflix, but fear not.

ReelScary has created a new ranking system with three main categories: disturb, gore, and suspense. Disturb looks at how the movie stays in your head. If you don’t like having trouble getting to sleep after your flick, then look for a low score. Gore is the bloody mess that fans of Saw live for. Suspense focuses on your stress during the movie. Were you curling up in your chair all night, chewing your nails, or latching onto your friends? Then it’ll get a high score. When rating films, you also get input on ‘scream factor’ that gauges jump scares and ‘nightlight factor’ on how tentative you are after watching.

You can search through the top rated movies in any of the categories, or through overall totals. If you don’t like gore, then lower that rating and raise something else. Plus, if you sign up through the site you can add your own scores – very useful for such a new site. And since everyone will be a scary movie fan, you won’t have the problems of IMDB ratings.

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