Random Netflix Movie Night: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is a retelling of the Snow White story from the Brothers Grimm. Starring Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, this film is beautiful to watch but doesn’t bring anything new to the fairytale.

Julia Roberts was a great choice for the powerful Evil Queen. She is an interesting contrast to Charlize Theron who played the same character in Snow White and the Huntsman, released one month later. Roberts is overly dramatic and flamboyant, playing up the extravagance and class relations that this movie seems so focused on portraying. As the movie seemed to focus entirely on the superficial aspects of the story, Roberts is never given the opportunity to explore the depths of her character and find the true passion the Queen needs.

This drastic contrast between the rich and poor is highlighted through the sets and costumes. The rich are lavished with fantastic imagery. Sets and costumes are lush and bold, with bright colours and lots of space for the sets filled up by the elaborately detailed costumes. The women are seen in impossibly large dresses, yet they sometimes consume the actresses and take away from the performances. The servants and city poor are tucked away in small, dark scenes to highlight their poverty. Their clothes are drab and depressing, and create a strict line between the two factions.

mirror-mirror-elves-houseeLily Collins is allowed the only break between these two groups. Once she meets the dwarves she loses her dresses and takes charge of her own defence in colourful but practical attire. As her Prince Charming arrives to save the day, she must in fact save him and help the dwarves to defeat the Queen.

It’s certainly nice to see this turn in the past few years, with the princesses able to defend themselves rather than relying on a prince as their saviour.

Overall, I would recommend this if you’re like me, and you love the modern fairytale films.

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