A Christmas Carol brings the holiday spirit to Victoria

The Belfry’s December production of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol brings holiday cheer and warm feelings.

Overall a very good production, it managed to capture the spirit of Dickens’ classic and impart meaning relevant to the present day.

Tiny Tim is always one of my favourite characters, and Kyle Atlas Stahl wonderfully captured his childlike and adorable nature. Tom McBeath, returning from the Belfry 2012 adaptation, is able to embody the Victorian-era Scrooge with all his miserly tendencies while also personifying him into a more developed, nuanced character. Scrooge never becomes a caricature in this production, instead easily transitioning from cold-shouldered to wonder-struck.

However, there were a few troubled moments. It took everybody a few scenes to get going, not connecting until the ghosts began coming for Scrooge. Some of the accents also lost their way, occasionally verging into Scottish and Irish territories, and other times falling away completely.

A Christmas Carol runs until December 23.

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